This week in pictures: after the holidays

I‘m still on the fence as to whether this is another 365 project, but I did take a picture (or five) each day this week. How can I stop taking pictures when there’s cuteness like this is my life?

Simon in the snow

Isn’t he so lovely? Oh my, but that boy will break hearts some day.

This last week was mostly about family, even though I did have to eventually drag my sorry self in to work at the very end of the week. I love the expressions on their faces in this one, ranging from indulgence to barely repressed impatience to impish mischieviousness. They’re so patient with me, my menfolk are.

Happy 2012!

I pulled over on the way home from work when I saw this murder of crows infesting a big tree off Limebank Road. I converted it to B&W, but it was such a flat grey day that it was almost there already.

A murder of crows

The idea for this one arrived fully formed in my head one night and I’m pleased that it’s almost exactly as I’d envisioned it. (I can never seem to remember to wear makeup, and I don’t bother to shave half the time in winter, but I do have a soft spot for a multi-coloured pedicure.)(But, I should focus on either the polish or the camera, because while the picture is fun the pedicure is a mess with polish all over the place!)


This one started out as a completely different picture, which failed miserably in the execution, but did inspire me to put this together. I like it very much! The camera is a Polariod EE100, built in the late 1970s and rescued for $5 from a junk shop by me. 🙂 The the scratchy look comes from a texture I found on Flickr. Apparently it (the camera, not the texture) will take Fuji pack instant film — I may have to try it out one day!

Polaroid EE100

Early in the week we had a visit from the boys’ grandparents, Mimi and Pipi. I was taking out the garbage when I noticed Beloved’s dad out there in the snow without gloves, building a snowman to entertain the kids. Have I mentioned how much I love my family?

Grandpas are awesome 2 of 2

Grandpas are awesome (1 of 2)

Grandparents cause the most delightful sorts of disruptions, don’t they?

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8 thoughts on “This week in pictures: after the holidays”

  1. Oh! Snow!

    The biggest barrier to a 365 for me is my spouse’s adamant opposition to posting recognizable photos of the kids online. I should show him some of your portfolio to try to sway his opinion.

    Meanwhile, a photo of the day, of landscapes and objects only? I’m trying for the third time but I’ve never made it. Not even close. Sigh.

    (Did you ever feel awkward taking photos in public? Pulling over to the side of the road? I’ve passed up good photos because I’m worried about a property owner objecting to my photographing her cows, or because I feel like a doofus.)

  2. Ha! I accept my inherent doofusness. Embrace it, even! Ya, I used to be shy about stuff like that, but really, what’s the worst that can happen? Someone shoos you away, and you apologize and move along. BTDT. 🙂

    Maybe you could do a 365 for yourself, with the kids (they really do need to be in there, the kid pix are by far my fave part of all my 365 work) but maybe only post one each week? A private 365 that’s a public 52?

    I’ve yet to see any argument that sways me in any way toward thinking there is a danger in the way I post my kid pix online. Maybe this article would help sway him?

  3. Fabulous photos! That picture of your Dad working on the snowman should be your Christmas card next year…it’s wonderful.

  4. I absolutely love the picture of Dad building the snowman, I wish I could have been there. It can feel the tears welling up just thinking about it. I miss you guys!

  5. Grandparents are wonderful. I wish my Dad was still around. With the holidays here we had a few, where is you dad? conversations with my middle boy. But we are blessed with my Mom and both my husbands parents still being around.

  6. I love your pictures on this post! You have done an amazing job taking everyday things (crows, snowmen, etc) and making them super artistic! Seeing your pictures makes me want to invest in a better camera (I have been undecided for too long!) I think it’s time for the point and shoot to be replaced! Great Post!


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