July 2011

Calypso winners!

19 July 2011 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

Congratulations to our four winners, and thanks to all who played along. Courtesy of the random number generator, the lucky winners for blog comments are: Karen Rebecca Rachael and our Twitter winner is Shawna! Winners, check your e-mail for details. Thank you to everyone who left AMAZING ideas for enjoying our gorgeous city. Many things […]

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Project 365: A busy week of summer adventures

16 July 2011 Photo of the Day

Yikes, I have been so crazy busy this past week that I’m a whole week behind on my 365 posts. I have managed to take a photo each day (actually, a couple of times I took more than a hundred pictures each day!) but despite spending hours with Lightroom and Photoshop, I never did manage […]

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Friday Family Fun: Calypso Water Park – and a giveaway!!!!!

15 July 2011 Ottawa Family Fun

It’s no secret that I love Calypso Water Park. I went on a sneak-peek tour when they were getting ready to open it last year, and I blogged about our first visit last summer. We’ve since been two more times, including on Canada Day this year. This most recent visit was our best so far, […]

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Crazy times, I tell you. C-R-A-Z-Y!

13 July 2011 Life, the Universe and Everything

I have so many blog posts backed up in my head that I’m quite sure my brains are about to start leaking out my ears any minute now. My life is in one of those whirling dervish phases, and it’s all I can do to hang on – there’s just no room for blogging! Here’s […]

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Porch Portrait Mini-Sessions: Sneak Peek!

11 July 2011 Mothership Photography

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know I can hold a secret like a colander holds water. Um, not very well at all! So while I’d like to put up a blog post featuring each of the fun, fabulous and photogenic families that dropped by last weekend for Manotick porch portrait mini-sessions, I […]

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Friday Family Fun: Rainbow cupcakes

8 July 2011 Fun for kiddies

For this third installment of my summertime Friday Family Fun series, after suggesting some places to get out and visit around the national capital, I thought I’d post a suggestion for a fun kid activity that you can do whether you live in Ottawa or anywhere else. We did this last weekend and the boys […]

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Dog and Cat are Friends, A love story in seven acts

3 July 2011 Creative licence

One day, Willie the cat found himself trapped between the curtain and the window when Katie, the large and smelly but largely benign dog, dropped down for a rest. For a while, Willie pondered various plans for his escape. Finally, he had an idea! “Pssst, dog… c’mere, I have a secret!” Katie, benign and benevolent […]

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Project 365: Happy moments, happy memories

2 July 2011 Photo of the Day

Help! I need more models! I’ve really been enjoying taking pictures of people rather than stuff lately. The daisies in the garden are gorgeous, the sunsets are spectacular, but what I really want to take are portraits. Thank goodness the boys are reasonably indulgent to mom’s camera habit. (Okay, actually, they’re just easy to bribe.) […]

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Friday Family Fun: Five places to get soaked

1 July 2011 5 things

Hooray, it’s summer vacation, and according to the forecast, the first week of summer vacation is going to be hot and steamy — just the way I like it! All summer long, I’m going to be posting suggestions for activities to keep families busy and happy. This week, I’ve got five suggestions for ways to […]

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