May 2011

Ottawa social media scene heats up this July!

19 May 2011 How I love the Interwebs

Are you interested in Ottawa’s social media scene? If you are, you’re going to want to clear your calendar for the month of July! There are at least two don’t-miss events happening, and they’re both promising to be fantastic experiences. First, we have the perennial and amazingly fun Blog Out Loud Ottawa (BOLO) on July […]

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I should have thought of this years ago

18 May 2011 Mothering without a licence

I used to hate bringing the boys for their swim lessons. The swimming lessons themselves are a good thing — I see them less as weekly exercise and more as a fundamental survival skill. Swim lessons are not really an option, they’re a necessity. And I didn’t begrudge the time, the cost, or the shuttling […]

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Mothership Photography is on Facebook (please like me!)

17 May 2011 Editorial asides

I‘ve mentioned before that although I’m an early-adapter on a lot of social media platforms, I’ve never really warmed up to Facebook. I signed up for an account when it was first opened up, but aside from an early addiction to Scrabble when I was pregnant with Lucas in 2007, I never really found a […]

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Tristan’s race

16 May 2011 Tristan

A couple of weeks ago, Tristan came home with a permission slip for the running club at school. It said they were preparing for a 5K race in Osgoode, and the kids would be working their way up to the 5k during lunch hours over the next few weeks. Tristan loves to run, and I […]

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Photographers at play

15 May 2011 Photography

Do you know Kym? She’s one of those warm, energetic people that you feel you’ve known your whole life within 10 seconds of meeting her, the kind of fascinating person you want to sit and chat with for hours about everything, because the conversation jumps crazily from topic to topic with a happy randomness of […]

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Project 365: Anticipating summer and sunshine

14 May 2011 Photo of the Day

This was, even by my usual standards, an insanely busy week. It was the kind of week where a saner person might actually put down the camera and say, “Heck, let’s pass on the photos for this week, there’s just too much else going on.” Instead, I continued to snap madly, and just let them […]

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This explains *everything*! I’m an ENFP.

11 May 2011 It IS all about me

I‘ve spent the last two days in a leadership training course for work, and the main focus of the course was determining your Myers-Briggs personality type and then learning how to take the various personality types into account when developing your leadership style. I’ve never taken an MBTI assessment before, but I’ve always been curious […]

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Project 365: Sunshine, rain and dewdrops – a drippy kind of spring

7 May 2011 Photo of the Day

we are at the end of the first week of May, and the leaves are still not quite unfurled from the trees. It’s the first week of the Tulip Festival here in Ottawa, but there are hardly any tulips in bloom. It’s definitely been a wet, cold spring here. A lot of the week looked […]

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Fisher-Price and the power of play

6 May 2011 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

After three kids of experience, I must admit that I have become very discerning about the toys I pick for my kids. Not only am I getting pretty good at picking age- and personality-appropriate toys, I am realizing that there are certain types of toys and features of toys that I’m drawn to again and […]

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Talk to me about kid bedtimes

5 May 2011 Mothering without a licence

Anybody want to compare notes on kid bedtimes? I’m starting to get the “Awwww, we have the earliest bedtimes in our whole class” whine from my big boys, and I thought I could thwart the complaint with a little ammunition from the bloggy peeps. “Sorry boys, the interwebs say that 6:30 is an entirely appropriate […]

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