April 2011

Postcard from Vancouver – bad luck travels in threes

12 April 2011 Away we go

I‘m laughing at your comments about the teaser ending to yesterday’s post. Hey, you think I haven’t learned a thing or two about story-telling and the value of a hook after all these years? Heh! On my last full day in Vancouver, I once again found myself awake well before sparrow’s first fart. Fully dressed, […]

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Postcard from Vancouver – exploring Stanley Park

11 April 2011 Away we go

Tuesday marked the second day of my trip to Vancouver, and also the whole reason I was there in the first place — to give a presentation at a conference about social media in government and how we use social media at Army News. I was keen to give the presentation. So keen, in fact, […]

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Postcards from Vancouver – Record-breaking rain

10 April 2011 Away we go

The day I left for Vancouver last week was very much a Monday, in the most pejorative sense of the word. Due to huge line-ups at the security gate, even more huge line-ups at the Tim Hortons inside the departure lounge, and the most terrifying turbulence I’ve ever been subject to (as in, holding on […]

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The case for and against digital negatives

6 April 2011 Mothership Photography

My friend Sara wrote an interesting post the other day. Basically, she was lamenting the fact that she had a hard time finding a photographer who would provide the digital negatives when she had portraits of her two (gorgeous!) boys taken. In fact, this post is largely a paraphrasing of the comment I left on […]

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Project 365: Spring and other lovelies

4 April 2011 Photo of the Day

I‘m so happy that I decided to document another year in pictures. I’m sure that I’d’ve been carting my camera around with me everywhere anyway, but it’s giving me lots of inspiration to go out and take lots of different kinds of pictures, which I think is clear from this week’s mishmash of subject matter! […]

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Because I am a dork for stats and numbers

2 April 2011 Editorial asides

Some time today, the 500,000th visitor will drop by the blog. Half a million hits? Never would have guessed it in a million years. Also? Never would have guessed I’d make it to 1 951 posts or 24 570 comments either! I don’t watch the stats as obsessively as I did when I first started […]

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Fisher-Price photo shoot – more pix!

1 April 2011 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

I‘m still waiting for details on exactly how the Fisher-Price blog program will work out, but I keep getting amazing packages in the mail from my new besties at Fisher-Price and Mom Central Canada. First, it was this fun set of boxes full of a few of the toys that were used during the photo […]

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