September 2010

The first day of school

7 September 2010 Ah, me boys

Although it had been raining all morning, when we loaded ourselves into the car for the new commute to the boys’ new school in Manotick the sun was thinking of peeking through the clouds. The boys were boisterous — even more so than usual — and their excitement about the new school swelled up and […]

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Thoughts on changing schools and echoes of years gone by

7 September 2010 Ah, me boys

Today, Tristan will be starting Grade 3 and Simon will be starting Grade 1. It’s taken me about this long to stop fretting on the boys’ behalf about the first day of school. After a few years, I’ve finally realized that they have suffered none of the grade school trauma I endured as a child; […]

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Fear of framing

6 September 2010 Happy @ home

So here’s a quirky little peccadillo I’ve never told you about. You know I like to take pictures, right? I’ve got tonnes of pictures of the boys, of landscapes, of still lifes, of people and stuff and abstracts, you name it and I’ve photographed it, and some of them are actually pretty good if I […]

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It’s been four days – is it time to call in The Unsellables yet?

1 September 2010 Happy @ home

This whole house-selling thing? Is way too much work. Way, way too much work. I haven’t been this tired since there was a newborn in the house. I’d thought that getting the place up to standard would be the hard part, and that simply keeping it clean for the showings would be challenging but not […]

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