This one is for you, Mom!

My mom wrote me an e-mail telling me she was loving the pictures, but maybe I could hand the camera off to Beloved every now and then, she’s quite sure he wouldn’t break it, as she’d love to see a couple of pictures of me with the boys.

Here ya go, Mom! Me and the boys on the cliff at Ovens Park, with the big blue ocean behind us.

Me and the boys

(I guess smiling into the sun with your eyes open is an acquired skill. Tristan was *trying* to smile for you!)

Edited to add: and here’s a little mosaic of our very laid-back Canada Day at the Lunenburg community picnic. After five solid days of adventure, we all needed something simple and low-key, and this was just the ticket.

An old fashioned Canada Day in Lunenburg, NS

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One thought on “This one is for you, Mom!”

  1. That’s a keeper honey (for next year’s July page on my calender) – good job Mark and you actualy gave the camera back to her too !!!

    Love Mom

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