April 2010

In which Beloved calls it like it is

19 April 2010 Ah, me boys

I‘m standing in the kitchen, unloading freshly bought groceries into the cupboards. The boys are drawing at the kitchen table, and Simon asks me what’s for dinner. “Well,” I begin, “funny you should ask. I was going to make shrimp and naan and tiki masala, but while I was doing the groceries I realized we […]

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Well, that was a trip through bloggy hell

18 April 2010 Editorial asides

I had nothing but the best of intentions when I set out to upgrade both my WordPress installation and my Thesis theme last night. With infinite idealism, I told Beloved I’d need “30, maybe 45 minutes, tops.” That was 16 hours ago. I didn’t spend *all* of that 16 hours trying to recover everything that […]

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Because sometimes, you just need a treat

17 April 2010 Life, the Universe and Everything

I‘ve been working on the healthy living thing lately. I’ve done pretty good — I’ll tell you in a separate post about how well the hundred-push-ups thing is going, and I’ve lost another couple of the pounds I regained. Yay! But sometimes, you need a treat. No matter how healthy my choices, there will always […]

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The Kids in the Capital ABC Photo Challenge

16 April 2010 Ottawa Family Fun

So you know I love the subject of family fun in Ottawa, and you know I love photography, and you know I love taking pictures of my kids doing fun things around Ottawa, right? Then how could I not love the ABC Challenge that GlidingLara introduced on their awesome new group blog, Kids in the […]

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Toddlers on the beach

15 April 2010 Life, the Universe and Everything

For someone who is fundamentally opposed to change, it’s amazing how delightfully refreshing a break in routine can be. Yesterday, I feel like I played hooky and had the most amazing escape from my daily reality. I took a quick road trip down to visit Angela and her adorable son Alex on a little island […]

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Okay, bloggy peeps, talk to me about bicycles

13 April 2010 Consumer culture

Sheesh, can you tell I’m on a self-improvement kick? Healthier foods, the 100-push-up challenge (are you in?) and now — I’m thinking of bicycling in to work. Can you tell I get all fired up by the spring sunshine? It’s about a 10 km jaunt from home to work for me. Most of it is […]

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The push-up challenge

11 April 2010 It IS all about me

I like to think of myself as strong. Not just emotionally, but physically strong, too. I’ve got a pretty good constitution, and I know my legs are strong because I regularly set the weight machines at the gym to about double where I find them at. I can easily do a dozen or more leg […]

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Five steps to the perfect grilled hamburger

9 April 2010 5 things

It’s true, not that long ago I considered “cooking” to be preheating the oven and opening the box. It’s also true that while I’m a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the wholesome food movement, I’ve embraced it with my whole heart. When I was blogging the other day about my 5-ingredient chicken fingers, it got […]

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Compelling parenting issue of the day

7 April 2010 Mothering without a licence

Okay, bloggy peeps, here’s your compelling parenting issue of the day. This one is on my mind as I cycle through the boxes of boy’s clothes that I have stashed in big blue plastic bins in the closet, each carefully labeled with season and size: Hand-me-down underwear? Yay or nay?

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Five lessons I learned during my first family portrait shoot

5 April 2010 5 things

Look what I did this weekend! No, I didn’t go out and have another boy… but after spending a lovely morning taking pictures of Baby Everitt and his sweet parents, I sure was thinking about it!! Everitt is the son of my friends Sheila and Rob, and this was my first ever not-my-family photo shoot! […]

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