You know what we need? We need a “Yay Day”!

You know what we haven’t done around here for a long time? We haven’t done a “yay day“, where we celebrate the big and little things that are making us happy.

Today’s Yay Day is really just a thinly-veiled excuse to brag about my kids. I know, I know, I bragged about Tristan just the other day. But I have to treat all three boys equally, don’t I? Lord knows I try. No wonder the baby thinks he’s a seven year old! Besides, it’s not really bragging, it’s just a very effusive update for the friends and family who live far away. Yeah, that’s it!

Simon can READ! I’m so proud of him. During the Christmas break, we broke out the old Bob Book series, the ones I reviewed way back in the day when Tristan was five years old. Simon started with the first book and was able to read it straight through without help. Although it was a little thin on narrative arc and character development (“Mat sat. Mat’s hat. Mat sat on a hat.”) you simply can’t beat the look of proud astonishment on your five year old’s face when he realizes he just read an entire book. And so he went on to read another and another and another, until he had read six of the twelve books in the series back to back to back. And he was absolutely delighted with himself. You can’t buy that kind of joy!

Not to be left out of the “oh my goodness, my children are freakishly brilliant” brag, Lucas has surprised and delighted on many occasions recently. At not-even-two, he can count to ten and sing a completely recognizable “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” He’s got better pitch than me, that’s for sure.

And heck, since I’m bragging, I’ll squeeze in the fact that I’m going to be speaking at an International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) event on Wednesday as an “industry-leading communications professional” in the realm of blogging and social media. It’s being billed as an informal event with several featured communicators stationed around the room available to answer questions. Fun, eh? Any IABC members who will be there? Let me know!

Now it’s your turn, bloggy peeps. What’s making the sun shine in your corner of the universe these days?

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5 thoughts on “You know what we need? We need a “Yay Day”!”

  1. I’ll take any opportunity to brag about my kids – Thanks!
    Last night I hosted my book club meeting. There were a total of ten of us around the table, and our book club custom is that the host provides the main course. My 8 and 5 year old girls know that I am rarely out of commission on a weeknight, so this was an unusual occasion. They had their dinner before my guests arrived, and then they played upstairs together from 6:00 until bedtime, with only minimal supervision by hubby. My little one is social so she came down a few times to check things out but she was polite and friendly to everyone. My guests commented mightily on their good behaviour, and I was such a proud Mama!

  2. YAY for reading, yay for counting and yay to you for being a speaker!!

    I’ll say yay for the babe who is, quite frankly brilliant (ha!) – she is so smart about how things work and while she’s mimicking sound more, is really good at getting her point across with pointing, actions, sounds. It’s hilarious. Our favourite is how when you undress her for bath time, she taps her chest and rubs her legs. Took a couple times, but one night she did it while grunting to daddy and saying ‘ra’. What is it? Daddy gives her a lotion massage after tub time. She was asking for her ‘rub’ that we call it!! Diva!!

    The boy is at a constant state of wonder with what he says and comes up with, but is really taking his music love further and further. We got him drums for Christmas, which he’s actually not bad at, and he loves to sing – he’s a lead singer all the way, even doing lunging dance moves with the mic while shouting ‘shot through the heart, your to blame, you give love, a BAD NAME’. love it.

    And, I feel an overall yay! for me – things are just coming into place in 2010 with my writing, charity work and family really well. I am blessed 🙂

  3. Yay for my son who FINALLY seems to be getting the hang of potty training.

    Yay for my daughter who’s adjusting to skates with toe-picks a lot faster that I thought she would.

    Yay for hubby for just being the wonderful person he is, but especially for being very supportive of big changes in our lives right now.

    Yay for me for taking the plunge and switching to part-time at work so that I can go back to university part-time. It was a huge decision, but I love the class I’m taking and I feel so happy and excited about where this all may lead.

    Yay for wonderful, talented, hilarious bloggers who keep me entertained and informed and who honour me with their interest in my blog, too.

    There is much to say Yay about in my little corner of the world.

  4. And YAY! for Dani, who finished her 365 today 😉

    Okay, now mine…

    Yay for my little girl who is 8 months old today and has learned to sign “more” and loves to play peek-a-boo.

    Yay for the big girl who loves surprises and pretend birthday parties and is trying so hard to be a good big sister.

    Yay for MY little sister who just had her first baby last week – a little girl! 3 girl cousins, who are going to be a heck of a lot of trouble together in a few years!

    Yay for my husband, who is patient and silly and believes in me and does the dishes without complaint, even though he hates that job as much as I do.

    Yay for me because I went to the gym last night (ow, my abs!) and because I’m putting a business plan together (eep!).

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