Five ideas for family fun in Ottawa this Thanksgiving weekend

Looking for some family fun this Thanksgiving long weekend in Ottawa? Here’s five ideas! (Edited to add: please note this post was written in October 2009. The last four points still apply, but the Lego exhibit was, alas, in 2009 only. In 2012 I wrote a new post with five MORE ideas for Thanksgiving activities for families in Ottawa!)

1. The Lego exhibit at the Museum of Science and Technology. Free with museum admission, this is a wonderful exhibit in one of Ottawa’s best locations for family entertainment. We checked it out last weekend, and all three boys were thrilled with the hands-on Lego displays, and the amazing exhibits created by master Lego builders. They’ve put out separate tables of Lego for the big kids and Duplo for littler fingers. Even though we’ve got bin upon bin of Lego at home, we still spent the best part of an hour just in this part of the museum alone.

2. The butterfly exhibit at Carleton University. We tried this one year, but I’m just bug-phobic enough that I was uncomfortable with the idea of all those dangly legs and antennae. If you’ve got a higher threshold for insects, though, the kids will love having the chance to see so many beautiful creatures up close and personal.

3. Parc Omega. The fall colours are at their peak this weekend; why not drive the couple of hours out toward Montebello to visit Parc Omega? We visited last year around this time, and the scenery was spectacular. Here’s my post about Parc Omega from last year.

4. Saunders Farm. An Ottawa fall classic! There’s corn mazes, a Discovery Barn, a Barnyard Treehouse, a “haunted hayride” and — for the older kids — the Barn of Terror. We paid $60 for our family of five last year and found it was worth every penny. We might check it out ourselves again on Monday if the weather holds.

5.Take a hike! Let’s face it, the weather might not be ideal right now but the forecast calls for six months of winter, so you might as well get out and enjoy fall while it lasts! Two of our favourites are Mud Lake and Stony Swamp.

What are you doing this holiday weekend?

(Edited to add: Don’t forget to check out my updated post written in 2012 with five more ideas for Ottawa Thanksgiving fun for families!)

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6 thoughts on “Five ideas for family fun in Ottawa this Thanksgiving weekend”

  1. Great ideas! Thanks for reminding me about the Lego thing. Gotta do that! As for us, we’re skipping the big turkey dinner this year (too much stress for the person hosting it) and having a family picnic up in the Gatineaus.

  2. I have never been to Saunders farm. In fact, I just wrote them a semi-scathing email for not having a family rate just this morning, as it would cost our family $90 to just get in. So we’re doing Gatineau Park & picnic today.

    Also, I love your blog. I’ve been lurking all over it for about a year. Gross, eh?

  3. We did the Butterflies at Carleton a few years back and had to leave because the boy completely freaked out (bugged out?), so we scratched it off the list. But he went with school this year, and he was ok with it. (We also did butterflies and moths on vacation this year.)

    Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

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