August 2009

Mothering and Blogging: The Radical Act of the MommyBlog (a book review)

20 August 2009 Books

About a million years ago, I used to do book reviews here on the blog. I think it’s been more than a year since I’ve put one up. Perhaps not coincidentally, it’s been at least six months since I’ve read anything other than a photography book (but man, I’ve read a lot of those!) or […]

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The one with the Pokémon backpack

19 August 2009 Mothering without a licence

Way back in early summer, Tristan saw a Pokémon backpack at Walmart, and every time the subject of back-to-school came up this summer, Tristan pined for that Pokémon backpack. He was due for a new one, as his Disney Cars one had held up remarkably well through both Senior Kindergarten and Grade One, so I […]

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30 “essential” Ottawa blogs

18 August 2009 Life in Ottawa

Props to OttawaStart (one of my fave resources for local information) for this excellent list of 30 Essential Ottawa Blogs — and I don’t just say that because I’m on the list! (*blush*) It’s not a definitive list of the best in Ottawa, but it’s a great start. Anybody else you’d add?

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Ottawa Fall Fiction writing contest

17 August 2009 Life in Ottawa

The folks at Apartment 613, one of my new favourite local blogs, are sponsoring a Fall Fiction writing contest: “We’re accepting entries of original fiction of 1000 words or less. There is no restriction on topic – but a local Ottawa hook is encouraged.” See Apt613 for details! (Hmmm, if I give up an hour’s […]

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Photo fun at the Flea Market

17 August 2009 Ottawa's hidden treasures

Beloved wanted to do one thing on our summer vacation this year, and no, it wasn’t painting the bedroom an extraordinary shade of yellow. He wanted to visit the Antrim Flea Market, the country cousin of our dearly missed Stittsville Flea Market, gone now for many a years. Unfortunately, in this summer of never-ending rain, […]

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The Apple Thief

16 August 2009 Lucas

I was checking my e-mail and playing on the computer early yesterday morning when my “uh oh, it’s a little *too* quiet” radar went off. I poked my nose into the kitchen, and found Lucas kneeling contentedly smack in the middle of the kitchen table, a half-eaten apple in his hand. Makes a pretty good […]

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I surrender

15 August 2009 Life, the Universe and Everything

Dear Mother Nature, I give up. There’s no way I can keep up with you. The back yard is yours. But I reserve the right to try again next year. Signed, DaniGirl

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Cheeseburger cupcakes!

14 August 2009 How I love the Interwebs

I will be the coolest mom on the block when I make these super-cute cheeseburger cupcakes!!

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Project 365: B&W and bokeh all over

14 August 2009 Photo of the Day

This wasn’t the most exciting week from a photographic perspective. The 365 project is like that — day in and day out, some days are just going to be better than others! As I mentioned a while back, I got an SB-600 flash for my birthday, but haven’t had much of a chance to play […]

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Top 10 funniest google suggest results

13 August 2009 How I love the Interwebs

So you know I’m endlessly fascinated by Google and the people who use it — but it turns out I’m not the only one. Read this laugh-out-loud post from Mashable about Google’s new “Suggest” feature and the oddball things people are seaching for.

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