April 2009

Still haven’t found that weight I lost

21 April 2009 Me, only better

I got a really nice comment last week from Carolynn, saying she’s lost a couple of pounds after reading about Calorie Counter online here, and she asked for a Plan B update. Then yesterday, a friend said she’d just called Dr Bishop to make an appointment for herself. Actual requests for topics and the need […]

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Who, me? Addicted to the what now?

20 April 2009 How I love the Interwebs

One of my friends at work (*waves to Sue*) recently sent me a link to an article entitled “Why moms are at risk for Internet addiction.” I have no idea why she sent it to me. (*looks obliquely to the left*) No really, I don’t have a problem. I mean, it did give me an […]

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Some coffee with your sugar?

17 April 2009 Life, the Universe and Everything

Oh my — I just stood behind someone at Tim’s who ordered a medium coffee with three cream and five (FIVE!) sugars. Can you even disolve that much sugar in a medium coffee? Wouldn’t it have the viscosity of fudge? (I’m horrified by the idea of even one sugar in my coffee, so maybe I […]

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Project 365: The arrival of the Nifty Fifty

17 April 2009 Photo of the Day

I got a new toy this week! A 50mm f1.8 lens, so well loved in the photography community that they call it the “nifty fifty.” I totally love it! As with far too many things in my life, however, the circuitous route by which it came to me makes for both a cautionary tale and […]

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The not-yet-toddling menace

16 April 2009 Lucas

I am finding this particular stage of Lucas’s development exhausting. No, really? EXHAUSTING. Also exasperating, challenging, and frustrating. (And, to be fair, delightful and charming and wonderful.) But mostly, exhausting. He stubbornly refuses to walk on his own, even though he can stand with no problem, has walked across the room unaided, and can perch […]

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Caution, there be whines ahead

15 April 2009 Rants and rambles

Ugh. Yep, that’s about all I’ve got to contribute today. Go about your business. Nothing to see here. What, you’re still reading? Foolish you. Okay, then, if you’re willing to put up with it, I’m going to whine. Poor, poor me. Whimper. I’ve been sick for days. Started, I dunno, back on Friday or Saturday […]

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I am so farked

13 April 2009 Lucas

This third child will be the one that does all the frightful things that the first two never did, won’t he? Now that poor old mom is too worn down to properly fight back. Standing on the peanut butter jar (!) so he can reach deeper into the pantry. He’s all of 14 months old […]

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Happy Easter!

12 April 2009 Ah, me boys
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Project 365: Moody moments and nature week

11 April 2009 Photo of the Day

Well, after the excitement of getting my first picture featured by Flickr in Explore, I finally relaxed and got back to the business of taking photos for myself instead of for everybody else this week. I think that sentiment is best encapsulated in this picture I took on Sunday. I adore this wooden cradle. It […]

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Rerun week continues with Notes from a Therapy Session

9 April 2009 Mothering without a licence

I’m guest-blogging over at Canadian Family magazine’s Family Jewels blog this week, and dredging up some of my favourite posts from the archives to keep you company over here. This one is from the summer of 2006. *** Tristan: And did I tell you about that time when I was four, when my mother tried […]

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