February 2009

Stalking Obama- recap (and finale)

20 February 2009 Life in Ottawa

In the end, there is no way I could have resisted the gleeful excitement that was POTUS’s first official visit to Ottawa yesterday. Through the morning, I watched the conversation on twitter, including updates from media types on the buses headed toward the airport to greet Air Force One when it touched down. And how […]

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Stalking Obama – reprise

19 February 2009 Life in Ottawa

I was there! I stood about 10 feet from Barack Obama’s motorcade and I actually SAW HIM!!!! He was waving and smiling to the crowds through the window! It was so unexpected and delightful and CLOSE!!!! I debated the whole time I was standing there whether to go with still photos or video, and in […]

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Shameless, I am. Completely incorrigible.

19 February 2009 How I love the Interwebs

I just can’t help myself! Hey, if you won’t vote for me, do it for them. Don’t make my brazen exploitation of my kids be in vain! (Truth be told, they were great sports. Tristan’s developing a fine sense of humour, and as soon as I told him it was a grownup joke, he was […]

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NSTeens: Helping teens make safer online choices

19 February 2009 Mothering without a licence

I like to consider myself a full citizen of the online generation. There’s little doubt that the Internet plays a huge role – a huge and beneficial role – in my life. But many’s the time when I’ve thanked my lucky stars that the Web didn’t exist when I was a teenager. Aside from being […]

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Celebrity sightings?

18 February 2009 Books

I’m pulling this conversation out of the comments from yesterday’s post, which has turned to minor (and major) celebrity encounters. Share your celebrity sighting (or, erm, stalking) stories here! Margaret Atwood was mentioned in the last set of comments, and I have a story of my own to add – one that nicely straddles the […]

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Free 10-issue digital Pregnancy mag

17 February 2009 Consumer culture

Via RedFlagDeals, this offer for 10 free issues of Pregnancy Magazine’s digital edition. I loved pg magazines almost as much when I was pg as I did when we were infertile and TTC. Can’t beat the price at any cost!

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Stalking President Obama

17 February 2009 Life in Ottawa

Barack Obama is coming to Ottawa on Thursday. Even though there is no public appearance scheduled, I work just steps away from Parliament Hill and the ceremonial route to the airport, so I don’t think I’ll be able to resist stepping out and joining what they’re predicting will be massive crowds lining the streets, hoping […]

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Working my social media networks

16 February 2009 How I love the Interwebs

I spent the weekend spamming my family, friends, acquaintances, and more than a few random strangers, grubbing votes for the “Send a Blogger to BlogHer” contest. Since I work(ed) in social media, I’ve got a pretty good idea of how to run a social media campaign, and that’s more or less how I’ve been approaching […]

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A rambly ode to the Canadian health care system

15 February 2009 Canadianisms

By Friday of last week, Lucas had been sick for three days. Fever, green snot, bad cough and most troubling, increasing lethargy. I gave up waiting it out and tried to get an appointment with our ped, but by the time I got through around 11 am, the answering machine said they were completely booked […]

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Day one of begging for votes, and already she’s exploiting the kids

13 February 2009 It IS all about me

This is what happens at the intersection of “Oh crap, I need to take a photo today!” and “Oh crap, how am I ever going to get enough people to vote to send me to BlogHer?” How could you deny this cutie? If you haven’t already, pleasevote for me!!!!

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