January 2009

Hey you guuuys!! The Electric Company is BACK!!

14 January 2009 Life, the Universe and Everything

Waiting for the return of your favourite show can be very trying on one’s patience. Thursday nights during the few weeks between the fall and winter seasons of Survivor can seem interminable. The wait between May and January for Lost is almost unbearable. But this is really something worth waiting for: after 30+ years, my […]

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Fun in the snow

12 January 2009 Ah, me boys

I spent a good chunk of yesterday playing on the computer, thinking about new themes and layouts and whatnot for the blog (what *is* it about January?) and updating to the latest version of WordPress (ack! Change!!) I hate that I have nothing to show for it, aside from no longer being able to comfortably […]

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Back to work thoughts

9 January 2009 Working and mothering

Hard to believe it, but three weeks from this coming Monday, I’ll be back at work. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m fixated on the new plan to work a four-day week, there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth going on right about now, but I’m actually feeling okay about the […]

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On bad dogs and vampires: or, how hype influences your reading life

7 January 2009 Books

How does hype affect how you approach a book? The last two books I’ve read have been ridiculously overexposed and analyzed half to death in the last month or so, probably not coincidentally because they were both made into movies that were released in December. Just before Christmas, I read most of John Grogan’s Marley […]

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Poor baby

6 January 2009 Baby days

Be thankful you aren’t Lucas this week. Poor guy, not even eleven months old, is having a hell of a week. One week ago, last Tuesday, I brought him into a walk-in clinic because he had a fever and had been sleeping poorly. Diagnosed with an ear infection, and his first dose of amoxicillin. Saturday […]

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A post in need of an editor, if there ever was one

5 January 2009 It IS all about me

The problem with extended absences from the blog is all the posts I want to write that get tangled up in my head, so when I actually do get a couple of minutes to string together, I’m bloggily constipated. Too much to say, not sure where to begin! It’s been a rough couple of days […]

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