January 2009

When all else fails, upload videos of your children in all their adorable cuteness:

Hard to believe he’ll be a whole year old next week!


More free stuff!

by DaniGirl on January 27, 2009 · 29 comments

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Okay, so I know it’s been ages since I’ve given you any real good reason, content-wise, to keep coming back here. Once we get into a new routine next month, I’m sure things will improve. Well, that and once we get over all these viruses. Oh yeah, and when birthday season is done (all three boys in the next six weeks), then I’ll be back in top form. Yeah, I’m sure that will work out!

Anyway, ahem, as long as I keep throwing you bribes, you promise to keep waiting for me?

Last summer, I raved about the Barenaked Ladies new kids’ CD, Snacktime. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a second copy in the mail not long after I purchased tickets for their Ottawa holiday show, along with an autographed picture of the band. (A nice touch, I thought.) And I suppose the third copy I received last week, also with a return address of BNL’s label, Nettwerk, was some sort of apology for the last-minute postponement of the concert due to the death of one of the Ladies’ mothers, although I can’t be sure because it arrived in an envelope with no note of explanation. Regardless, when we received the second copy I was content to keep one in the car and one for backup, but in the age of digital music I really don’t need a third copy.

All this to say (sheesh, no wonder I don’t blog anymore, it takes me bloody forever to get to the point!) I have a free, factory-sealed copy of the Barenaked Ladies’ Snacktime CD for kids and it’s yours for the asking. Just leave a comment and tell me why you want it, and I’ll do a random draw on Saturday, January 31.


A few stolen moments

by DaniGirl on January 26, 2009 · 5 comments

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The boys are playing happily behind me, the big boys stacking a dozen or so Webkinz into piles for the baby to crawl over. So rare is the opportunity to be online with everyone in the same room, I must take advantage of it even if I have nothing to say!

It’s been a rough couple of days. The stomach flu that had Simon down late last week took the weekend to work it’s way through the rest of the family. Tristan was sick last night and so I kept him home today, but he’s full of piss and vinegar this afternoon. I think we did, no joke, a dozen or more loads of laundry since Thursday night. Anybody want to come over for a folding party?

Lucas had it Saturday night, too, but seemed to be okay yesterday. This morning, he was particularly fussy and pulling at his ears, and since I’m getting good at this after three kids, I suspected an ear infection. We were lucky to get an afternoon appointment with the ped, and it turns out his ears are clear. He does, however, have a “very mucusy” throat and his ear is full of fluid. If you’re keeping count, that’s back to back stomach virus and respiratory infections the first week of January and again this week. Plus his two top teeth broke through this weekend. No wonder he (and, by extension, I) haven’t slept more than 3 hours in a row for a hundred years a couple of weeks.

Despite the sickness, though, and the fact that today marks the start of my last week of maternity leave (ever! *nostalgic sigh*) I’m feeling pretty chipper. Hey, if everybody in the house has been sick in the past five days, that gives me at least a four-day window before the next virus can set in, right? And right now, a barf-free week sounds like winning the lottery!

Ah, but the mood behind me has turned. The baby has lost interest in the Webkinz mountain, and the boys have started to bicker. (Little wonder, they’ve been cooped up together for days on end by now!) Only four more hours until Beloved gets home from work… not that I’m watching the clock.


Now, I know y’all are standing in line to disagree with that statement, but it’s true! According at least to this definition, I’m normal!! Some time in the last week or so, I’ve lost just enough weight to trip me down to a body mass index (BMI) of 24.9, which is no longer overweight but normal.



See? Normal! And if it says so on the interwebs, it has to be true!


Now I know

by DaniGirl on January 23, 2009 · 7 comments

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What could possibly make me long for the last couple of nights, when the baby woke up between three and seven times a night, where I was rocking him to sleep two or three times in a row, only to end up jiggling him to sleep on my arm when I give up in frustration? What could make me think that those were the nights when I had it good?

How about six solid hours of an almost-five year old barfing every 20 minutes? Yep, that would do it.

Of course, the baby slept through the whole thing. Dust molecules moving over the Mojave Desert disturb him, but six hours of relentless dry heaves in the next room don’t merit so much as ripple his slumber.

Sigh. At least the five year old seems better this morning. Wanna lay bets on what’s in store for the almost seven-year old or his beleaguered parents? I really, really don’t want this virus.

(This is not the sleep deprivation post. This is the “Hey we just finished a barfy virus three weeks ago, it’s not our turn again already!” post. Once I finish sanitizing five loads of laundry, I might get back around to the sleep-dep post. Consider yourself whined warned.)


Hey, whaddya know, it was a dead tie between poop and sleep! Poop had the lead going into yesterday afternoon, so that’s the one I have ready for today, but we really gotta talk about sleep this week, too. Stand by!


I’m about to put Lucas down for a nap, and I catch a whiff of eau de rotted blueberries. Time for a diaper change. (Aside: my sniffer seems to be on the fritz. Either his shite don’t stink, or life in a house with four XY chromosomes has indelibly damaged my sense of smell. I think I’m okay with either option.)

Ahem, anyway – diaper change. I flip him onto his back on the change mat on the floor and try to keep him there. Lucas is hell bent on escape. I finally manage to divert him with a colourful block. My son, he is. “Oh, pretty shiny block… “

Not only does he stink, but he’s leaked through onto his undershirt and his pants. Oh joy. I pull open the diaper and try to hold his feet with one hand and divert his flailing arms with the other, while using my third arm to keep him from flipping over and my fourth arm to actually change the diaper.

Missing at least two of the required arms, I don’t move fast enough to catch the block as it lands with an unsavoury splat in the middle of the poopy diaper. I try to hold his kicking legs by the ankle in one hand while doing at least a passing cleaning of the block with a diaper wipe. One foot wriggles free and stomps down, of course, into the poopy diaper.

I go into triage mode, deciding the block is clean enough for the time being but something must be done to prevent further spread of the poop. I yank the foul thing out from under him (why must raisins do that in a dirty diaper?) and put it aside. I peel off the poopy sock, which has brushed in two places up against his leg, and swipe him with half a box a few wipes. All of the wipes, in fact. The wipe box is empty, there is still poop to be cleaned, and the crate of backup wipes is upstairs. Sigh. I take a clean diaper from the basket and do my best to finish the job. (Aside: another excellent use for clean diapers? Sopping up spills on the carpet. My brother showed me this one when he splashed a full glass of red wine onto our carpet last year. Press the clean diaper into the carpet until all the excess liquid is absorbed, then scrub the stain with a diaper wipe. Works great on spilled coffee, too!)

Lucas, who has not stopped wriggling madly throughout this exercise, is still hell bent on escape. Every time he senses even a momentary diversion of my attention, he makes a break for it. Now stripped naked, in the instant it takes me to look up and put my hands on another clean diaper and bum cream he manages to flip over, get to his hands and knees and start crawling away. He is less than an inch away from getting his hands on the dirty diaper from which he has been recently relieved when I intervene. He howls indignantly as I wrestle him back into something resembling a prone position.

Eventually, I get him wrapped in a clean diaper and manage to get most of the diaper cream off his fingers (I’ll leave it to you to figure out how that happened) before he manages to get it into his mouth or eyes.

I set him free (and happily mostly naked) a careful distance from the mess behind me and turn just in time to see the cat walk without hesitation directly through the centre of the still-open dirty diaper, leaving a trail of poopy cat prints across the carpet…


Pick-yer-own blog post day

20 January 2009 Editorial asides

Isn’t this exciting? (Or perhaps a new high in lows?) I have three not-quite finished draft posts saved and YOU get to choose which one gets finished and which ones get deleted — or at least condemned to languish forever in the unexamined depths of my drafts folder. I’ve had just enough time online lately […]

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Fashion police — help!

15 January 2009 It IS all about me

I went on a bit of a bender after Christmas. A shopping bender. A clothes-shopping bender. It felt sooooo good! Not only were there amazing deals to be had (I didn’t pay more than 50% of ticket price on anything) but I was shopping for a size I haven’t worn since before any of the […]

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Hey you guuuys!! The Electric Company is BACK!!

14 January 2009 Life, the Universe and Everything

Waiting for the return of your favourite show can be very trying on one’s patience. Thursday nights during the few weeks between the fall and winter seasons of Survivor can seem interminable. The wait between May and January for Lost is almost unbearable. But this is really something worth waiting for: after 30+ years, my […]

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Fun in the snow

12 January 2009 Ah, me boys

I spent a good chunk of yesterday playing on the computer, thinking about new themes and layouts and whatnot for the blog (what *is* it about January?) and updating to the latest version of WordPress (ack! Change!!) I hate that I have nothing to show for it, aside from no longer being able to comfortably […]

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