November 2008

Oh well.

by DaniGirl on November 30, 2008 · 7 comments

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This is the first year since I started blogging that I didn’t make it through to the final round of voting for the Canadian Blog Awards. There’s a good chance I’d be pouting right now if I weren’t so happy to see the blogs that DID make it to the final round, including two of my favourite bloggers (Don Mills Diva and Fawn) and two of the blogs I personally nominated (Under the Mad Hat and Party of 3).

If this news had come during my funk last week, I’m sure I’d have taken it extremely personally, wondering if I’d jumped the shark bloggily speaking. But after spending a thoroughly wonderful weekend having a visit from Marla and Josephine and having dinner with Andrea and her lovely family and then attending a baby shower for one of my very favourite people in the whole world, it’s hard to be unhappy about anything!

If you aren’t reading any of these fabulous blogs, you should be. Congratulations to all the nominees! Now I have to figure out how to get three more IP addresses so I can vote for all of them.


I think it was Mad Hatter who once wrote about the tradition of the morning-after the emotional outburst post with far more humour and eloquence than I am likely to attain here today. If I thought I’d have more than a minute or two here, I’d go find it. What is it about bleating your anxiety out into the interwebs that seems to release the pressure building up in your brain? The hangover from an emotional drunk always leaves me feeling vaguely silly but hugely refreshed.

I knew when I was posting my little pity party last night that I would likely feel better by this morning, and I almost didn’t press the “publish” button for that exact reason. (Some weeks, I delete more than I post!) But, I am so glad I did. It never fails to amaze me how a little “oh, me too” or even a simple “there, there” makes things seem so much easier to bear. More than a dozen comments and e-mails in less than twelve hours? I don’t feel nearly so alone anymore, and that’s a blessing indeed. Sincerely, thank you.

It *is* a rough stage, isn’t it? You’d think having been there a couple of times already, I’d’ve remembered that more clearly. Add in a little nanny-search stress (good news on the horizon on that front), a dash of back-to-work anxiety (that one is still freaking me out), and the triumphant return after a blissful nine-month absence of the monthly red menace (is it possible I forgot how annoying THAT one could be, too?), and I guess I can cut myself a little slack.

It means so much to me that you are all still out there, and so quick with a word of kindness. This is blogging at it’s finest, and why I keep doing it when maybe I should be doing something more productive to prepare for the pending arrival of our weekend houseguests, Marla and Josephine. Hey, if that doesn’t brighten up a week — heck, a whole month! — I don’t know what would!!


Gah. In the middle of a bit of a storm here, emotionally speaking. Feeling some kind of emotional flu, desperate and frustrated and overwhelmed. Really think that if I could just get some of this crap out of my head, I’d feel much better, but I can’t get 10 minutes to myself anywhere, let alone at the keyboard. That is 99.8% of the problem, to be honest. While I wouldn’t trade my life in a minute, I sure wish I had some fresh air right now. I have not been out of arms reach of my beautiful baby for more than 35 minutes in the past five days. Literally. He gets up when I get up, only naps in short bursts after much rocking, and now wakes up shortly after he goes to bed again. He only settles if I’m in the bed beside his cradle. It’s making me more than a little squirrelly, let alone snappish, which makes me feel guilty, which makes me feel ashamed, which makes me whiney, which makes me unpleasant to be around. Yanno?

It doesn’t last forever. It doesn’t last forever. He’ll be young for such a very short time. This will not last forever, and some day I’ll look back and wonder what my problem was. But right now, I wish I could breathe.


Huh. Hard to figure out how to play this one.

It’s not every day you get quoted in the Globe and Mail, after all. For an attention junkie like me, it doesn’t get much sweeter than that. When Fiona sent me an e-mail to ask if I’d mind being interviewed for a piece she was working on about baby-led weaning, I knew if nothing else it would make great blog fodder.

Ah, but as many other A-list celebrities like myself have learned, the media is a fickle mistress indeed. I’m quite sure I never would have said that my mother was “nagging” me to start feeding Lucas solids. “Haranguing” maybe, or “cajoling.” “Hectoring” would have been a good word, now that I think of it. But I would never in a million years told Canada’s national newspaper that my mother was “nagging” me. Never.

I’m *so* getting a lump of coal for Christmas, aren’t I, Mom? (We won’t even get into the fact that we skipped over six weeks’ worth of milestones, from first cereal to first Cheerios, in a single en-dash!)

Now that I’ve alienated the one person whose vote I knew was in the bag for the Canadian Blog Awards, I need your vote more than ever. Take pity on me, and throw me a vote, willya?


Been getting a lot of blog fodder from CBC these days. Last week it was the top 10 TV shows courtesy of Q, and today’s post comes via old Spark podcasts I downloaded to listen to on our road trip this past weekend.

According to the artificial intelligence at, there is a 76% probability that Postcards from the Mothership is written by a man. I found this rather curious until I scanned down my own current home page and realized I have three large block-quotes, at least one of which I know *is* written by a man. I got curious, and started dropping individual category pages into the analyzer:

We guess is written by a man (54%), however it’s quite gender neutral.

We guess is written by a man (55%), however it’s quite gender neutral.

We think is written by a man (71%).

We think is written by a man (75%).

We guess is written by a man (57%), however it’s quite gender neutral.

Hmmm, my manliest writing is on random topics and when telling stories about the boys, and writing I do specifically on mothering is my most gender-neutral. Interesting, in a passing sort of way. Go ahead, go plug your blog in there, then come back and tell me your results. You know you want to!!


Speaking of “you know you want to…”, it’s that time of year again. Even though I had to resign from my position as an organizer of the Canadian Blog Awards (just not enough hours in the day!) I will still shamelessly whore myself for your votes. I am proud to say that Postcards from the Mothership has once again been nominated for a Best Canadian Family Blog award, and I will milk it for all it’s worth!

Best Family Blog nominee

You can vote any day this week, but you can vote only once per category so choose well, as there are several excellent blogs nominated. Don’t make me beg. Well, you’re right, I’ll likely beg anyway. But don’t let that stop you! VOTE!


Road trip

by DaniGirl on November 21, 2008 · 2 comments

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The boys and I are heading down to southern Ontario for a road trip with Granny and Papa Lou today. Both of my brother’s kids have birthdays this week, so it should be a fun — if not hectic — weekend. Beloved is staying home to grade papers. Lucky him!

If you just can’t wait until I get back for a decent post, take a peek over at Digital, Baby! where I wade into the Motrin Moms fray.


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