August 2008

I did it!! I did it!!I did it!!

13 August 2008 Editorial asides

I’m dancing around the living room with Lucas singing, “We did it!!!” I fixed all the problems (that, erm, I had created in the first place) in transferring over to my new blog host. I figured out that my SQL database wouldn’t populate because I was using the wrong version of SQL (and let me […]

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Please stand by…

11 August 2008 Uncategorized

I’m in the process of switching blog hosts. I have only the vaguest idea of what I am doing. Expect service interruptions, likely not lasting longer than a day or two. I hope!

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Imagine if the trip to Lake Placid had been this, well, placid

10 August 2008 Away we go

Suckers for punishment that we are, we decided on one last road trip this summer. We loaded the boys into the van and drove across the province, through the unbelievably picturesque Algonquin Park, to see the boys paternal grandparents, Mimi and Pipi. If nothing else, the trip completely restored my confidence in our ability to […]

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The baby who didn’t like TV

6 August 2008 Uncategorized

Anyone who has been reading for a while knows I’m (cough) pretty lax about the idea of kids and TV. Baby Einstein came crashing on to the scene just about the time Tristan was born, and I have fond memories of plopping him into his exersaucer and queuing up the Baby Mozart for 30 minutes […]

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Stroller shopping

3 August 2008 Consumer culture

It seems mildly ridiculous to me that I have three strollers and yet am shopping for another. Who knew before kids that you actually need more than one kind of stroller? The old Graco that came with my first travel system back in 2002 is finally falling to pieces after two and a half boys, […]

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