September 2007


21 September 2007 Canadianisms

I’m *so* excited! I bought my tickets back in April, but I swear, I have been waiting to see this concert since I was ten years old. Finally, tonight, we’re going to see Rush! With 100-level seats, no less! I’m beside myself with anticipation. I’ve always loved Rush. For my 12th birthday, my folks replaced […]

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Technical difficulties

20 September 2007 Editorial asides

I seem to be having a lot of server issues this week. I’m sorry – I have no idea what’s going on. If you get an error message, please keep trying!

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Yay day – the maternity clothes edition

20 September 2007 It IS all about me

Today is definitely a Yay Day kind of day. First of all, Tristan’s follow-up with Dr House at the children’s hospital went extremely well yesterday. Although Tristan panicked a little bit when he figured out that the doctors were planning on actually removing his ugly little mole, instead of simply poking at it and annoying […]

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10-pages-in book review: The Ruins

19 September 2007 10-pages-in

What’s that, you say? A long, long time ago, I used to write book reviews on this blog? Hmmmmm, maybe I remember that, way back in the distant recesses of my brain. For the most part, I haven’t written a book review here in ages simply because I haven’t read a book worth reviewing. Most […]

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Snack trauma

18 September 2007 Mothering without a licence

Although Simon’s new preschool isn’t a co-operative, the parents are asked to contribute a snack on a rotating basis. Given that there are 16 kids, and the kids go three days a week, our turn in the rotation comes up every five weeks or so. Now, I should confess here that I already suffer snack […]

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A love letter to my daughter, who will never be

17 September 2007 It IS all about me

To my darling daughter, who will never be: It may seem odd to begin a letter with a farewell, and perhaps even moreso a farewell to someone who never was, someone who never will be. But I needed to find a way to say goodbye to you, my daughter, because even though we never had […]

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The 20 week update – half way there!

14 September 2007 Mothering without a licence

How ’bout that? As of today, I’m officially half-way through this pregnancy. (Although I do tend to agree with a friend of mine who observes that the last month is the longest half of a pregnancy.) My belly is quite unsubtle now, enough so that neighbours and casual acquaintances at work are bold enough to […]

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Facing the ugly eco-truth

13 September 2007 PSA

Yesterday, I alluded to the several pounds of carbon emissions I contributed to the atmosphere (I’m guessing) by driving all over hell’s half acre and back, and how we’re really going to have to capitulate to suburban living in the next few months by buying a second car. I don’t want a second car. Aside […]

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Dr House at the Children’s Hospital

13 September 2007 Life, the Universe and Everything

Yesterday, I put 157 kms on the car: 50 kms round trip dropping Beloved off at work and going back home to pick up Tristan; 25 kms round trip to CHEO (the Children’s Hospital) for an appointment; then I dropped off Tristan at school, dropped off Simon for his first day of nursery school (!), […]

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The big PR roll-up for September

12 September 2007 Editorial asides

I get a lot of e-mail. A LOT! But that’s okay, I like it. I’m just not terrifically good at keeping up with it all. But if someone has taken the time to write to me, I often feel obligated to answer them, or at least share the information they want me to share. I […]

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