May 2007

Shaking it off

22 May 2007 It IS all about me

Well. That was an unpleasant little trip through the dark corners of my psyche. Thanks to all of you for your comments of support and solidarity. It’s edifying to hear that a lot of you think the whole daycare-crapout situation was ridiculous – at least it wasn’t entirely me! I spent quite a large part […]

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She quit

21 May 2007 Working and mothering

I lay in bed for quite a while this morning, trying to force myself to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t quiet the voices that have been harranguing me all weekend, so I gave in and got up. I opened the front door to get the morning newspaper and saw an envelope sticking out […]

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Bad days

20 May 2007 It IS all about me

This is not the post I wrote today. I wrote two others at various points today, trying to relieve some of the pressure in my head. The first two are tucked away in the draft folders, too raw to be published. Hopefully, just getting them out of my head and into the computer is enough. […]

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Dangerous Book for Boys redux, now with more free books!

18 May 2007 Books

Did you think I forgot about the draw for the Dangerous Book for Boys, the one to compensate for the fact that Canadians couldn’t enter the Harper Collins contest? Of course I didn’t! There were 22 comments on the thread as of Wednesday morning, one of which was me and one of which was a […]

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Just when you thought the daycare thing was resolved…

17 May 2007 Working and mothering

Remember that new caregiver? The one that took me four months to find, the one I waited more than two months for the boys to start, the one who was ‘ideal’ and was going to help us send Simon to nursery school? She wants to quit. Well, she has ‘serious reservations’ after spending two whole […]

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Birth of a hockey fan

17 May 2007 Canadianisms

So we’re not exactly sporty people. Beloved, bless his literate artsy heart, couldn’t care less about the difference between an infield fly and a hanging curveball. The athletic education of the boys has fallen largely to me, which, if you know me at all, is pretty darn funny. Pity my poor boys, who are just […]

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My words are stuck

16 May 2007 It IS all about me

Even though I’m not a writer in the traditional definition of the word, I rely on the written word for my livelihood. I write communication strategies, news releases, web content, briefing notes and reports, among a long list of other things. My job is all about words. The amount of finesse required and the level […]

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A new chapter in the caregiver saga

15 May 2007 Working and mothering

Today is the boys’ first day with their new caregiver. I think I can finally let go of this deep, anxious breath I’ve been holding for the past three months or so. It’s been a melancholy couple of weeks, saying good-bye to our other care provider. She has been so gracious about the whole thing […]

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1000 Islands, 1000 pictures

14 May 2007 Away we go

I remember back in the day, when a weekend away meant throwing a change of clothes in a bag and a stack of CDs into the front seat. This is how we pack for a weekend at the cottage with kids: It was an altogether lovely weekend to be outside. When we arrived, it was […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

13 May 2007 It IS all about me

This is what my sweet, sweet boys and Beloved gave me for Mother’s Day: This is all I really needed: Happy mother’s day!

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