February 2007

Worst commercial song appropriation ever

7 February 2007 Rants and rambles

Beloved and I are watching American Idol on TV. Well, Beloved is watching it and I’m futzing about on the laptop, half paying attention. A commercial comes on for Wendy’s, the hamburger chain, and Beloved nearly chokes. I miss the visual, but the music running in the background is the Violent Femmes’ Blister in the […]

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Dead iPod redux

6 February 2007 Rants and rambles

It’s a damn good thing it’s sweeps week on the major networks, because I’ve got nothing but re-runs for you here today. This was supposed to be the post where I raved about the fantastic service I got from Apple.As you know, my iPod died a week ago Friday. On Saturday, I spoke to someone […]

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5 February 2007 It IS all about me

For quite some time, I have been composing a very whiny post in my head. Very whiny. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ahem. You may not have noticed, since I only blog about it every other day, that I’ve been working hard on this weight-loss thing. But you reading about it occassionally is not […]

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SImon’s birthday party

4 February 2007 Photography

Have you been breathlessly waiting for the update from Simon’s birthday party yesterday? I know, you haven’t been able to sleep for the suspense. Well, I’m thrilled to be able to report that despite the words you never want to hear your husband say when you have more than a dozen friends and family in […]

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730 days, 762 posts, too many words to count

2 February 2007 It IS all about me

Today marks two years since I started this blog. Two years = 730 days, and in those 730 days, I’ve put up 762 posts. This is what a year of blog posts looks like when you kill a small forest of trees in fear of losing your precious words to the interwebs, stored somewhere far […]

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A love letter to Simon

1 February 2007 Simon

My darling Simon, You are three years old today. Three years old… no longer a baby, but not quite done being a toddler yet. You are still my baby, and your babyness shows in your fat baby feet with their pudgy baby toes, and in the way you still have a traces of the bowlegged […]

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The newest Harry Potter book arrives July 21!

1 February 2007 Books

I’m so excited by this news for a number of reasons: because I am an avowed JK Rowling fan, because I love the idea of bloggers receiving press releases along with the MSM, and because I’m lucky enough to be on a publisher’s mailing list. How could I not share this information with you? Sadly, […]

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Girls Night Out!

1 February 2007 Life in Ottawa

Considering how socially awkward I feel when I don’t have my computer to mediate my conversations, I’m becoming addicted to these blogger meet-ups! Chantal and Andrea proposed the idea a girls-only Ottawa blogger (and lurker!) get together for Friday, February 16 at the Clocktower Pub on Bank Street. (They give me credit for being in […]

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