December 2006

CBS announces Rockstar: Wiggles *

19 December 2006 Life, the Universe and Everything

CBS and Mark Burnett will launch a new reality series that promises to find the next great rock star. ROCK STAR: WIGGLES, from “Survivor” executive producer Mark Burnett, combines the world of preschool ditties with relationship-style unscripted drama, performance competition and a weekly contestant elimination. The last singer standing will become the lead singer of […]

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18 December 2006 Uncategorized

You know how sometimes you’re in a room crowded full of people, and everyone is practically shouting to be heard, and all of a sudden you say something particularly intimate as loud as you can – just when the rest of the room falls silent? Or when you’re in the middle of telling an anecdote […]

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Christmas joy

17 December 2006 Tristan

Once upon a time, I dreamed of the day when our Christmas tree would be filled with ornaments made by little hands. My heart grew three sizes this week when Tristan brought home his first hand-made ornament, carefully crafted at school and packaged in a brown paper bag. It’s a keeper.

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Building a bed for my boy

16 December 2006 It IS all about me

Like many of you, I was out searching for the perfect tree this weekend. However, while you simply strung some lights and decorations on yours, I hauled mine into my woodshop, cut it into just the perfect amount of boards, stained a few and built this lovely little bed for Simon: What’s that you say? […]

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Northern lights alert

15 December 2006 Life, the Universe and Everything

The skies over Ottawa may or may not be clear over the next couple of nights, but at least it will be mild. That will make it a lot more comfortable for me as I stand out on the back deck, scanning the skies for the northern lights. According to this article from, a […]

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Blog payola

15 December 2006 Editorial asides

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the bigger world of blogs lately, and I’ve been seeing some interesting stuff. And not interesting in a good way, either. A while ago, I declared blog an ad-free zone. I’m content with the decision, and haven’t regretted it. I also turned down a few product review […]

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A sad excuse for a post

14 December 2006 Simon

Simon doesn’t get sick too often, but he seems to be making up for lost time this week. He has a horrible, snotty head cold, a fever AND he’s barfing. Sheesh, I’m *so* very glad we got our flu shots last weekend. (insert eyeball roll here) He’s also so incredibly grumpy and needy that I […]

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Kids online

13 December 2006 Mothering without a licence

In this post, I will either come across as indecisive, self-deluding or a hypocrite. I’ll let you be the judge. One of the debates around our house this Christmas has been whether or not to get Tristan a video game for Christmas. I’m not overly fond of the idea. The boys already love the games […]

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Blogger beta and haloscan – help!

13 December 2006 Editorial asides

I’ve started a new blog for internal use here at work (maybe I can share some day soon) and I’m having a hard time installing the comments. Any blogger beta / html experts out there? I can install the comments just fine on the main and archive pages, but on the post pages, only the […]

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Christmas crazies

12 December 2006 Life, the Universe and Everything

In the Citizen this morning, there was an article (sorry, subscriber only – why do they do that?) about the hot ‘toys’ this Christmas and how people are frantically bidding outrageous amounts for them on eBay. The article notes, Over the two-week period beginning Nov. 23, eBay has sold 6,470 Wii units across Canada — […]

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