October 2006

Friday comment game – it’s all about you!

20 October 2006 Memes

I’ve been staring at this empty interface for long enough. I give up, I got nothing for you today. Well, that’s not exactly true. I’ve got a rant about diapers, but I think it follows a little too closely on my rant about BBQ chips and my rant about punctuation spacing, and maybe I need […]

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Snack time

19 October 2006 Mothering without a licence

I’m getting lazy. I’ve stolen the idea for this post from a comment I made on a post of Andrea’s yesterday about Tupperware. Sad, isn’t it? I was up all night with a barfy Simon, and I have to cram this in before the Bob the Builder DVD is done, so this is as good […]

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I’m outraged!

18 October 2006 Life, the Universe and Everything

I’m outraged! Outraged, I tell you. Is nothing sacred? I got a set of documents back from an editor the other day, which in itself is usually enough to twist my knickers. (I’m not so fond of being edited. I don’t mind it when they catch actual mistakes, but I tend to bristle over suggestions […]

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Blog book tour: Sleep Solutions

17 October 2006 Books

A couple of days ago, I was reading a great post by Bub and Pie about rage and sleep deprivation, and it reminded me of one of my own posts from last year on this subject. Ah, sleep deprivation, my old nemesis. Of all the worries relating to having a third child, I think it’s […]

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Stacking the kiddies like firewood

16 October 2006 Mothering without a licence

We’ve been slowly wrapping our heads around the idea of fitting three kids into a three-bedroom townhouse. It seems to make sense for us to move Simon into Tristan’s room, and leave his room with the crib intact for the player to be named later. We’ve talked to the boys, and to my surprise, they […]

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My mother will be so proud

15 October 2006 How I love the Interwebs

When you google “ottawa slut“, I am the number one search return.

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My new favourite online shop

14 October 2006 Life in Ottawa

Every now and then, you stumble across a company that you want to tell all your friends about. ZigZag Boutique is a lovely little online consignment shop, run by moms, based right here in Barrhaven. They carry baby and kids’ clothes, women’s clothes, used baby equipment, and some new products crafted by moms. I stumbled […]

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Dear Frito Lay Company,

13 October 2006 It IS all about me

I am writing to you today to address some concerns I have with your marketing techniques, and with a possible violation of my personal privacy. How did you know? Are you watching me? Do I consume so many of your products that you are now tailoring your product releases to me personally? I am a […]

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Mixed messages

12 October 2006 Ah, me boys

I’m having a good couple of days. Pardon my enthusiasm, but I had to update you on Tristan’s school foibles. You’ll remember a couple of weeks ago, we got called in for a parent-teacher confab after a mere eight days of school, causing me to believe we should perhaps stop saving for Tristan’s education and […]

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Job satisfaction

12 October 2006 It IS all about me

I went to a seminar yesterday on building a career management strategy in the public service. I don’t think it was the intention of the organizers, but by the time I left I had a huge sense of satisfaction both with my current job, and with my future job prospects. (Of course, it helps that […]

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