August 2006

The Blues Clues Miracle

20 August 2006 Ah, me boys

If there were an award for Most Bickering Siblings, my boys would be declared winners by a large margin. They have been at each other constantly lately, today even more than usual. Israel and Lebanon are playing much more nicely together than Tristan and Simon these days. They bicker, they taunt each other, they tattle, […]

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The Motherlode Conference

18 August 2006 Uncategorized

I was going to write a long, gushing post about how excited I am to be a part of the upcoming Association for Research on Mothering’s 20th anniversary “Motherlode” conference this fall, but I couldn’t do a better, more succinct job than my bloggy friends have already done. Five of us are going to be […]

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Another lazy Friday comment game

18 August 2006 Uncategorized

Oh oh, it’s Friday again and I forgot to put something in the can for this morning. Anybody got any bright ideas on what I should write about this morning? Something witty and insightful and full of colourful vocabulary that can be slapped together in about 12… nope, make that NINE minutes? * sound of […]

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Tradespeople in Ottawa?

17 August 2006 Uncategorized

I’m blatantly taking advantage of my burgeoning local audience with this. We need a few tradespeople to do some work around the house. We’ve managed to fritter away almost the entire summer without getting around to stripping and staining the deck, or getting the roof repaired, or washing the windows. As the temperature moderates and […]

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School days

17 August 2006 Uncategorized

In three weeks, Tristan has his first meeting with his junior kindergarten teacher. In four weeks, he has his first small-group, delayed admission first day of school. Ten days after that, he has his first full-class day of school. One of those is his first day of school, but I haven’t yet decided which one […]

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Notes from a therapy session

16 August 2006 Uncategorized

Tristan: And did I tell you about that time when I was four, when my mother tried to kill me twice in the same month? Therapist: Hmmm, I don’t think so. There was the episode where she locked you and your brother in a running car while you were sleeping… Tristan: Right, and then less […]

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The day the music died

15 August 2006 Uncategorized

Are you completely exhausted by my adventures with electronics lately? You may want to pass this post over, then. Apparently my electronics are sick of me, too. Or maybe there were sunspots yesterday that disturbed the electromagnetic spectrum. Or maybe I’ve just exceeded my place on the techno-savvy spectrum, and this is the way that […]

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Nokia phone birthday photos

14 August 2006 Uncategorized

Okay, so it took me two weeks to figure it out (which translates into about 35 minutes of time, spread in 17 instalments over six separate days), but with Beloved’s tech support I finally managed to figure out how to get my fancy new Nokia 6682 to release the pictures I took on my birthday. […]

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A place of one’s own

14 August 2006 Uncategorized

I was having coffee with Andrea last weekend, and the topic of blog hosting came up. (Andrea was great company that night – too bad I couldn’t say the same thing about myself. It was the same week we found out that frostie didn’t work out, and Simon was in the thick of his barf […]

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Obligatory free phone blog

13 August 2006 Uncategorized

As I mentioned last month, I was offered a free Nokia 6682 smart phone for the simple price of blogging with and about it. I’m fulfilling the last half of that obligation today, and will do the former just as soon as I figure out how. The whole time I wrote this post, I waited […]

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