June 2006

Ten-pages-in book review: The Unwritten Girl

16 June 2006 10-pages-in

I’m trying to diversify my 10-pages-in book reviews a little bit. I’ve worked in some memoirs, a travelogue, plenty of CanLit, some anthologies and a pulp mystery. Today, we venture into the world of young-adult oriented fantasy in a charming book called The Unwritten Girl. It’s a classic quest tale with a literary twist. Protagonist […]

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The one with too much information

15 June 2006 Frostie

I’m standing in the ‘family planning’ aisle of the drug store, ostensibly to buy my ovulation predictor kit, except I’m distracted by – did you know they make condoms with little disposable vibrating rings on them? God bless technology. I shake myself from a bit of a daydream, the details of which I decline at […]

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This is true love – you think this happens every day?

15 June 2006 Uncategorized

Filched from Angry Pregnant Lawyer and Phantom Scribbler: Which Princess Bride Character are You?this quiz was made by mysti Isn’t The Princess Bride just one of the best movies ever? Certainly, it’s one of the most quote-worthy ones. I was in high school when it came out in theatres, and we were so blown away […]

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Family vacation!

13 June 2006 Away we go

We’re in the midst of planning our first real family vacation. We’ve done plenty of road trips, staying with friends or relatives for a weekend, and of course we had a few camping trips with varying degrees of luxury. But this will be the first time we go to a city where we know no […]

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Crying it out

12 June 2006 Uncategorized

Simon, at the grand age of 28 months, has decided to go from one three-hour nap in the afternoon to no nap. In a classic case of bad timing, this is coinciding with Beloved being home with the boys almost full-time. I’m not even going to bother with a description – you can imagine what […]

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Two little monkeys…

12 June 2006 Uncategorized

When I heard Tristan upstairs ‘reading’ to Simon, I thought I’d creep upstairs with the camera and catch the moment. I should have known it wouldn’t last, but it was cute for the half a second or so before they started misbehaving. Or click through to view it on YouTube. Actually, it’s a good capture […]

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Free books!

9 June 2006 Uncategorized

Have you heard about Project Gutenberg? They’re one of the oldest purveyors of free online books on the Internet, and to celebrate their anniversary this year, they’ve teamed with the World eBook Library Consortia to create the World eBook Fair. Starting in July, they’ll be providing free (FREE!) access to over 300,000 e-books. According to […]

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The one about babysitters

8 June 2006 Uncategorized

Talk to me about babysitters. The only babysitters we’ve ever left the boys with have been my mother, our daycare provider, the daughter of my cousin (while her mother was in the house) and once, I think, an adult friend of ours. I’ve never hired the teenager from down the street, or even used a […]

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The church, the choice, the coincidences

7 June 2006 Uncategorized

Yesterday was just so jam-packed that even with two posts, I didn’t have a chance to reflect on everything worth saying. Consider this the spill-over post. Thank you for your votes on how we should spend our summer vacation. Ya know, living my life according to Interweb plebiscite has a certain appeal. I’ll be consulting […]

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6 June 2006 Frostie

It’s day one. Here we go! (breathe, breathe…) It’s ‘day one’ of my pre-transfer mock cycle. Aren’t you excited? I’m positively giddy! For those of you who haven’t been committing this stuff to memory, here’s the plan: Next Thursday, June 15, I start using a pee-on-the-stick ovulation predictor kit. The OPK detects the surge of […]

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