November 2005

Hey Internet…

19 November 2005 Uncategorized

Can anybody tell me how to remove the grey border from around my banner? I’ve been tinkering with it on and off for months, and haven’t figured it out yet. I’m going to put the CSS data in the post for you to see, but I don’t want to clutter up the blog with it, […]

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Working it out

19 November 2005 Uncategorized

On the way to the gym this morning: “Bloody hell, I’m going to have to scrape the car. God, I’m sick of the cold already. Oh great, snow all over my seat as I open the door. Peachy. Now I’m going to have a cold, wet ass all morning.” Grumble grumble. “Don’t you even THINK […]

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Another Friday ramble

18 November 2005 Uncategorized

What? Oh, you’re expecting me to say something? Again? Aren’t you tired of listening to me by now? Apparently not yet, as I was thrilled to notice the hit counter rolled over the 20K mark earlier this week. Hooray for us! What, you want more substance? Good grief, you’re getting demanding. Okay, how about a […]

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The Whole Mom

17 November 2005 Uncategorized

The endlessly clever and resourceful Andrea and Kim have finally launched the coolest new Webzine on the Internet. Go check out The Whole Mom. It’s a quarterly Webzine with columns and articles and even comics, but it also has a great big discussion forum too. If you’re a mom with a brain, you’ll love it. […]

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Comfort food

17 November 2005 Uncategorized

To me, junk food is comfort food. If I’m in a pissy mood, or particularly stressed, junk food makes me feel better. I’m particular, though. I’m not too fond of pies or pastries, not a chocolate kind of girl, not even a big fan of ice cream. That’s why when I saw an article – […]

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The sqaushed dandelion

16 November 2005 Tristan

His beautiful grey eyes are cloudy as he comes through the door, and Tristan bursts into tears as he sees me. “What’s wrong?” I ask gently, pulling him toward me. A tearful entry is not uncommon, as he is buffeted by his emotions on many days. He holds out a wilted and slightly brown dandelion […]

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Best toys for Christmas (and other winter holidays)

15 November 2005 Uncategorized

(Sheesh, as if I weren’t verbose enough, now I feel the need to qualify every reference to Christmas with an inclusion to all the other winter holidays. If I slip, it’s nothing personal. Consider yourself officially included, okay?) It must be holiday purchase frenzy time – the toy reports are out. According to this report, […]

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Don’t read this if you’re eating breakfast

14 November 2005 Uncategorized

Ugh. I’d have to be feeling pretty crappy to not want to blog. Yep, feeling pretty darn crappy this morning. I think I picked up some sort of stomach bug in Toronto this weekend. Poor Simon yakked all over himself and his car seat about 40 minutes from my brother’s place on Friday, so I’m […]

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Buttertarts, cheesies and poutine

11 November 2005 Uncategorized

I am fascinated by the linguistic differences between Canadians and Americans. I mean, we share the same last land mass, are saturated by same media, surf the same Internet, read the same blogs, so it fascinates me that we have idiosyncratic differences in our common language. All this is predicated on an article I read […]

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Holiday Blog Extravaganza

10 November 2005 Uncategorized

On behalf of the endlessly energetic and creative and thoughtful Andrea, and her lovely assistant Marla, consider yourself officially invited to join the (fanfare) Winter Holiday of Your Choice Blog Bonanza. All the cool bloggers are doing it. Dontcha wanna be cool? There are gifts! There are crafts! There are photos! There are crafty photos […]

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