November 2005

Welcome IVF parents!

by DaniGirl on November 30, 2005 · 8 comments

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Hello, and welcome. Let me clear off a space on the floor and you can sit down and maybe stay for coffee. Say hello and stay a while, why don’t you?

Wondering what I’m talking about? Me too, kind of. Since about three in the afternoon yesterday, I’ve gotten almost 40 hits from an private message board. I got curious and tried to follow the link back, and it told me I wasn’t welcome and membership was by invitation only. It did say something about IVF parents, so I’m assuming this is maybe an off-shoot of the IVF Connections parenting boards where I used to spend all my time before blog. (If you ever need support or information about IVF or infertility, IVF Connections is the best place on the Web. I met some of my best friends there.) And speaking of best friends and IVF, you might want to drop by Nancy’s blog too – if you knew me, you’ll remember the inimitable Nancy99 and her adorable boys!

Anyway, all are welcome here, and if you are an old friend from IVFC, please do say hello. Heck, say hello anyway – we’re a friendly sort of crowd around here.


Kudos to the Catholic Church

by DaniGirl on November 30, 2005 · 12 comments

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Who ever thought I’d write a title like that? Credit where credit is due, though. I read this morning that the Pope is set to abolish the concept of “Limbo”, the neither heaven-nor-hell place where Catholic doctrine dictates the souls of unbaptized babies will stay in perpetuity.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been bothered by the concept of Limbo. How could God, who is benevolent and compassionate, not welcome the souls of innocent babies into heaven? Looking back, this was probably marked the first of many doubts I would have about Catholic doctrine.

And yet, I have to admit that one of my lingering concerns about not having the boys baptized was the tiny voice in my head that said, “What if you’re wrong?”

The cynic in me wants to mock this about-face by the Church. Faith is supposed to be based on the word of God, and yet it was men who created the concept of Limbo, and men who have decided the concept is no longer congruent to our world view. (Men, I note specifically. Not women.) So because men pronounced it so, millions of souls of babies will be saved? Hardly.

Even more troublesome is this paragraph from the Ottawa Citizen’s version of the story today. (I’d link to them, but they didn’t bother to put the story in their online edition.)

Pope John Paul II pointed to the mistake of thinking of [Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Limbo] as places, rather than states of being, said [theology professor] Mr Coyle, who doubts whether the [Vatican] committee would make a statement on how to “reroute” the souls in question.

To me, this is a huge reminder of the vast number of people who still take so much of the Church’s teachings as completely literal. I can’t help but laugh at the image of millions of unbaptized souls being herded from some cosmic waiting room into the garden of eternal salvation upon the signing of some Vatican writ. While I am happy to see the Church taking such public and important steps toward moderation, it’s clear they still have a long way to go.

If we could just get some movement on the concepts of birth control, women in the clergy, assisted reproductive technologies and gay marriage, I could get the boys baptized with a relatively clear conscience.

I’m not holding my breath…


MP3 suggestions?

by DaniGirl on November 29, 2005 · 17 comments

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I got an MP3 player for Mother’s Day. As in, six months ago. Beloved loaded it up with half a dozen or so of my favourite songs that we had lying about, and since then I have done nothing with it. You’d think somebody who spends more than half her life perched on a keyboard might find some time to load the damn thing up with some music, but not so far.

‘And why not?’ you might justifiably ask.

There’s too much music.

I’m paralyzed by indecision. Because I want to have great music on my MP3 player, but I haven’t had the cognitive fortitude to think about what I want that music to be, I have instead left it to languish. What a waste!

So this bring us, my bloggy friends, to the Great Music Survey of Tuesday. Fill in the blanks and tell me your favourite songs in each category, and help me with those “AHA!” moments. Remind me about what great songs are out there.

1. What three albums (okay, CDs) would you take on a road trip, if the music was the only companionship you had?

2. You are in the worst. mood. ever. Name three songs that would cheer you up.

3. Your in-laws just called. They are in town unexpectedly and want to drop by for coffee in an hour. The house looks like the preschool maurading hoardes have been through on a crusade. Which three albums have enough energy to pump you up for the task?

4. Name three songs you loved from high school.

5. Name three songs that make you think of your pre-high school childhood.

6. The kids are in bed. Your significant other is elsewhere. You have a (bottle of red wine/pot of tea/case of beer), a great book and the evening to yourself. What music is playing in the background?

7. Name one new (2005) song, CD or band that you’ve ‘discovered’.

8. If you could be the manager for any band, group or artist, whom would you choose?

9. I’m aiming to make some sheet music tonight. What should be on the stereo?

10. If I only load one song onto my MP3 player, what song should that be?

I’ve made the quantity for most questions ‘three’ simply because I can never narrow my choices down to just one. Feel free to list as many or few as floats your boat. Also feel free to make random suggestions that don’t fit into the categories.

Oh, and while you’re pondering, here’s a not-so-subtle reminder that today is the penultimate day for voting on the Canadian Blog Awards. Did I mention that I do love you all so?

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Another day, another broken heart

by DaniGirl on November 28, 2005 · 10 comments

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Maybe I should just stop answering calls from home when I’m at work. Last week, it meant I had to bail from work to tend to a sick baby. Today, it was to tend to a broken heart.

Beloved: Sorry to bug you, but do you have a few minutes to talk to Tristan?

Me: Sure. What’s up? (I secretly love getting calls from the kids at work. I love the fact that I have to talk extra loud and that there is no mistaking the conversation for a business call and half the floor gets to hear me talking to my adorably preccocious preschoolers.)

Beloved: I actually had to wake him up to get ready to go to daycare today, and now he’s upset that he didn’t get a chance to kiss you goodbye.

Me (heart shrinking into pea-sized lump of coal): Sure, put him on.

Beloved, in background as phone is handed off: Okay, here she is. No more crying, okay?

Tristan: (sniffle)

Me: (with false brightness) Hi baby! Did you have a good sleep?

Tristan: (snuffle) Mommy, I’m sad! I didn’t get to give you a hug and a kiss before you went to work!

(SNAP! Sound of my heart breaking in two.)

Me: It’s okay, Tristan. I’ll give you an extra big hug and kiss when I get home, okay? And anyway, I gave you a nice smoochy kiss when you were sleeping before I left. Don’t cry, sweetie. We’ll have extra kisses as soon as I see you tonight.

Tristan (reluctantly mollified): Okay, mommy.

Me: (hangs up phone. Dissolves into puddle of unhappy guilt)



Bring it on!

by DaniGirl on November 28, 2005 · 2 comments

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I’m taking a new approach to the whole Christmas preparation thing this year. Hey, American Thanksgiving has passed — I’m officially allowed to indulge in my Christmas addiction now!

Last weekend, I took advantage of a day of above-zero temperatures to hang the Christmas lights (and do a last minute raking and backyard poop scooping. What, you don’t count poop-scooping as holiday prep? It’s a gift to my springtime self!)

This weekend, I hauled out one of my favourite Christmas CDs, and put a pretty good dent in my Christmas shopping.

Previously, I’d haul out all the decorations for the house and the tree for an intense and exhausting day of holiday overkill, but this year I’ve decided to take a “ten minutes is enough time to hang two decorations” approach. (I have a niggling suspicion this will leave me with a half-decorated house come Christmas Eve. We’ll see.)

Which leads me to the point of this somewhat verbose introduction – my first contribution to the Winter Holiday of Your Choice Blog Extravaganza! Look, not only did I manage to put up decorations, but I remembered to take pictures of them!

This is the first decoration I hung up. I made it about five years ago, in the days when I could spend an entire weekend playing with my jig saw and paints and bits of crafty stuff and not worry about a preschooler tugging on my arm every eleven minutes. The snowmen used to hang independently around the house, but I bought the fake bough a couple of years ago and they make a nice quartet. They hang on a landing half way up the stairs, and the boys like to say goodnight to them as we pass them on the way up to bed each night.

And this one is a treat I bought myself on our blissful apple-picking adventure back in September. It was hanging in a shop window in Merrickville and caught my eye as we wandered past. Beloved herded the kids for a few mintues while I ran in to buy it – as soon as I saw it I had to have it. (Okay, so it turns out I’m not so good with delayed gratification after all.)

Last night, we went to our first Christmas party of the season. (Thanks, Bren!) It was with the same group of women (and men) I’ve mentioned before, and I simply do not see enough of them so it really was a fun evening. My only complaint is that our kids are *almost* of an age where we can leave them unsupervised – but not quite. Although I would have loved to sit in one place for more than three minutes and chat with my dear friends, I mostly ran around the house chasing Simon out of mischief and trying to convince him to eat bits of meatball and cheese cubes on the run.

Shopping, Christmas decorations and music, and even a party – can a weekend get any better than that?



This must be Friday, cuz it’s a ramble

by DaniGirl on November 25, 2005 · 15 comments

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Ugh. I’m having a bad mommy day. Tristan has a fever, not a bad one, but a fever nonetheless. And I’m at work. And I’m sending him to daycare. Bad mommy. Bad.

If it were Simon, I’d keep him home. But, Tristan gets fevers with such frequency that we’re a little blasé about them. Stomach virus? Fever. Getting a cold? Fever. Bumped his head? Fever. Doesn’t want lasagne for dinner? Fever.

So really, when he started heating up again last night, I wasn’t concerned. We kept an eye on him through the night, and the fever seemed to come and go, and is around 38C this morning. I have a pretty full plate today, and so does Beloved. To me, lethargy and clinginess are much bigger warnings sign than fever – at least for Tristan. Other than the fever he seems fine, and the fever is responding to the tylenol, so we made the executive decision to send him to Bobbie’s.

And I feel awful. Oh the guilt. I’m trying not to think about it, so of course I blog about it.

Matter of fact, let’s talk about something else.

Hey, I didn’t tell you about my awesome blogger coffee date this week, did I? In my quest to meet all the Canadian Bloggers Named Andrea (not really), I had coffee with Andrea from a peek inside the fishbowl. It was hard not to fawn over her, as there are just so many things to admire about her: she’s very quick witted, she’s been blogging in one form or another since 1999, she does all her own designs, she’s been published in real magazines and newspapers, and she’s nice as the day is long. I’m thinking about starting a fan club! (And no, this isn’t just because she said nice things about me first.) We’ll be working together in the new year, and I’m really looking forward to it. (Edited to add: and yes, Dave was there for coffee too. Dave is just as nice, but not as cool because he doesn’t have his own blog. Yet.)

Speaking of new things, I bought a pomegranate this week. I have to admit, I have previously been intimidated by this inscrutable fruit. I think I remember having some of the seeds at a friend’s house when I was a kid, but I wouldn’t know a pomegranate from a kumquat except that they are both funny words to say.

But you see, the big display of pomegranates in the grocery store came with little instruction books, and I coudn’t resist. A fruit that comes with directions – it’s like the grocery gods are speaking directly to me. I think this is an excellent new trend in marketing. I think EVERYTHING in the grocery store should have a little booklet explaining how to best open, cook, serve or compliment this particular product.

No more opening coconuts with a screwdriver (it really doesn’t work very well, and there is an elevated risk of puncturing your calf. Not that I know this from personal experience, of course.)

No more trying to make guacamole out of unripened avocados (even when you use a blender and then add half a container of sour cream to improve the texture and then have to add green food colouring, it’s still pretty much hopeless.)

No more saying, “Hot peppers? How hot can they be?” and then submerging your tongue into a half a jar of mayonaise because it’s the only thing you could find in the fridge to stop the volcano that just erupted in your mouth.

I’m all for more directions, but maybe that’s just because I need a little more help than the average bear.

Oh, and if you’re still reading, you might as well click over to the Canadian Blog Awards and cast your votes. (hint hint) It’s a new day, you can experience the thrill of voting for your rambliest Canadian blogger all over again!!


Hot smoothies?

23 November 2005 Uncategorized

I think by now my affection for Tim Hortons is no secret. (Did you know Timmy’s has its own Wikipedia page? It was there I read about “the Gretzky” – a coffee with nine creams and nine sugars. That can’t be good for you. Is there still room in the cup for coffee after all […]

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Parental anxiety of the week – the dinner table

22 November 2005 Uncategorized

I think it’s safe to say we’ve conquered the potty. It’s been a few months since he’s had a daytime accident, and even a few weeks since he’s had a nighttime accident (but he’s still in pull-ups overnight, just in case.) Rather than rest on our laurels, we’ve moved on to conquer the next parenting […]

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Say Anything

21 November 2005 Uncategorized

Warning – I have ceded control over blog to my inner 14 year old girl. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Your Life is Like Say Anything… What John Cusack movie are you? I have such a crush on John Cusack. There are so many other productive things I could have done with the last […]

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"Getting To Know Me" Questionnaire for The Winter Holiday of Your Choice Blog Bonanza

21 November 2005 Uncategorized

The inimitable Marla has drawn up a questionnaire for the Holiday (yatta yatta) Extravaganza. Holy crap, she writes harder questions than my Business Admin prof in university! After picking away at it all weekend, it’s about as good as it’s going to get. If I could get away with it, I’d steal Pier One’s entire […]

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