September 2005

10-pages-in: Motion Sickness and Typing

21 September 2005 10-pages-in

I’m reading two CanLit memoirs right now, one forgettable and one fabulous. So while I’m considerably more than 10 pages in to either of them, I can’t help comparing and contrasting them. The first is David Layton’s 1999 memoir and first book, Motion Sickness. It’s mostly the story of his childhood living with and without […]

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Little things

21 September 2005 Uncategorized

Fellow Ottawan Andrea at QuietFish tagged me on this. She was talking about how we all have those little somethings in our houses that we love – things that give you a little ping of joy when you look at them. Although we have a really lame little mantle in our living room (oh, how […]

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Almost as addictive as blogging

20 September 2005 Uncategorized

Back in January, three seemingly separate events occured that have altered my life. First, I went back to work after a year of maternity leave with Simon. Second, I started blog. And third, a new free daily tabloid called Metro was launched in Ottawa, where I discovered the ridiculously addictive Soduko puzzle. What do all […]

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Swimming lessons

19 September 2005 Uncategorized

It’s 9:55 am on a Sunday, and Tristan and I are standing on the wet tile deck of the local public pool. Excited children in bathing suits hop from foot to foot beside tired-looking parents in sweats and jeans. More than one parent looks like they wish Tim Hortons had a cantina window at the […]

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Home at last

16 September 2005 Uncategorized

In the Ottawa airport, there is an escalator that brings arriving passengers down to the main floor. I had a hard time not vaulting over the side or shoving other passengers out of my way as I rode down the escalator and caught sight of my menfolk waiting for me. Possibly, it was one of […]

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14 September 2005 Uncategorized

Am on my last little bit of free time this trip, so of course I am blogging. Unfortunately for me, I am on a 40 kbs dial-up connection and I think Seminole signals across the mountains would get the message across more quickly than this. This may in fact be my shortest blog ever. But […]

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Sleep deprivation, meet jet lag

13 September 2005 Uncategorized

I’ve been up for about 20 hours now. If I start to drool, don’t mind me. Have you ever been in a hotel room that didn’t have a sewing kit? I must’ve been in 50 hotels in my life, and I’m sure each one of them had a sewing kit. I actually found myself in […]

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12 September 2005 Away we go

I’m traveling today, flying across the country to the west coast. And yet, I typed this up ahead of time so you’d have something to read today. Wasn’t that nice of me? I fly infrequently enough that I still love it, still find it a bit of a thrill. It’s been about a year since […]

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How to spot a Canadian

9 September 2005 Uncategorized

Saw this over at the Canadian Expatriates’ Blog. They’ve always got some great CanCon over there. If you suspect that someone is falsely trying to pass themselves off as a Canadian, make the following statement – and then carefully note their reaction:“Last night, I cashed my pogey and went to buy a mickey of C.C. […]

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Morality police

8 September 2005 Uncategorized

Disclaimer: I’m feeling a tad rant-ish this morning. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ve been wondering about this lately. What responsibility do we have as average citizens to police other citizens’ minor transgressions? When are we allowed to be the morality police? There’s a guy who rides the same bus as me every morning, […]

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