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Project 365: Anticipating summer and sunshine

14 May 2011 Photo of the Day

This was, even by my usual standards, an insanely busy week. It was the kind of week where a saner person might actually put down the camera and say, “Heck, let’s pass on the photos for this week, there’s just too much else going on.” Instead, I continued to snap madly, and just let them […]

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Project 365: Sunshine, rain and dewdrops – a drippy kind of spring

7 May 2011 Photo of the Day

we are at the end of the first week of May, and the leaves are still not quite unfurled from the trees. It’s the first week of the Tulip Festival here in Ottawa, but there are hardly any tulips in bloom. It’s definitely been a wet, cold spring here. A lot of the week looked […]

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In which it occurs to her that the garden is very much larger than she realized

25 April 2011 The ongoing saga of the house

I‘ve been daydreaming of putting in a lovely vegetable garden since the day we first saw this house last August. The yard is so huge, there’s tonnes of room for it. You know what else is huge? The garden. I’m thinking that I may want to try keeping up with the existing garden for a […]

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In the garden of benign neglect

9 June 2010 Happy @ home

Did you ever read Stephen King’s Pet Semetary, where dead things mysteriously come back to life? Yeah, my garden is like that. When we moved in back in 2003, there were two trees — really, barely more than saplings — in the back yard. Not long after, one of them reverted to upright stick status […]

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The Thousand Picture Project: Loving that summer light!

21 May 2010 Photo of the Day

I don’t know what I love more about the month of May — the soft scent of flowers perfuming the air, or the return of the gorgeous, soft light of late afternoon and early evenings. Like this: It’s a sweet subject, but the way the light falls on them really makes this picture, in my […]

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The Thousand Picture Project – it’s been a while!

4 May 2010 Photo of the Day

Holy cats, it’s been more than six weeks since I posted an update about my thousand picture project! Don’t worry, I haven’t stopped taking pictures — far from it! While I haven’t quite kept up the 365 project pace of one photo every single day, I’ve still been carrying my camera with me and truly […]

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The thousand picture project: beauty hides in the oddest places

12 March 2010 Photo of the Day

So I have to admit, I haven’t exactly been taking pictures every day. Some days I take a dozen pictures, and some sad days, I don’t even touch my camera at all. (Well, that’s not quite true. I still lug the poor thing around with me everywhere I go, I just don’t always remember to […]

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Oooh, pretty!

5 March 2010 Photography

I feel like crap, because the stomach bug that started with the baby and worked it’s way to the middle boy visited me last night. And I feel bad because I am totally neglecting the blog lately. Too busy, and a little unsettled. And so to assuage my guilt for ignoring you and to distract […]

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Good days, bad days

19 May 2009 It IS all about me

One of the most valuable things that this blog has given me has been a record of the minutiae of our daily lives. Not only of the milestones and special occassions and momentous changes, but of the rhythm of every-day life as our family has grown. And because I tend to blog whatever is in […]

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It’s Tulip Festival time!

5 May 2009 Ottawa Family Fun

I’m not much of a Winterlude girl, but I do love Ottawa’s Tulip Festival. (How can I not love a festival that’s mere steps outside my office door, jam-packed with gorgeous subjects for my 365 project?) There’s some cool stuff going on in the Tulip Festival this year, too — truly a little something for […]

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