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A happy anniversary in Souris, PEI

7 July 2014 Ottawa to PEI 2014

Fifteen years ago on July 3, 1999 Beloved and I were married. It seems fitting that 15 years of marriage is celebrated with the most fun day of our adventure on Prince Edward Island. It also seems fitting that it was our favourite day not by design but happy accident. That’s pretty much how we […]

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Photo of the day: Stalking Chef Michael Smith at the Flavour Shack

4 July 2014 Ottawa to PEI 2014

Remember how my mom said I should call our trip to PEI “Stalking Chef Michael Smith“? Well we couldn’t very well come all the way here without making the drive up the coast to Souris, PEI, to see his brand new (9 days old!) shop the Flavour Shack, could we? Is it ironic that my […]

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Dreaming of an Island vacation

12 January 2014 Away we go

Freezing rain, flash freeze, deep freeze, snow, chipping ice of the driveway in the January thaw… who ISN’T dreaming of an island getaway right about now? The Island we’re dreaming of isn’t south, though, it’s east – we’ve just booked a cottage for our first visit to Prince Edward Island in summer of 2014. Yay! […]

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This week in pictures: drippy and dreamy

6 May 2012 Photo of the Day

Spring is a photographer’s dream. Everywhere there is colour, contrast, interesting shapes – and it is SO welcome after months of winter’s monochromatic greys and dirty whites. Even the dandelions are beautiful! I like this one of the orange tulips in my garden because I think the orange pops against the green and I like […]

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This week in pictures: The one with the newborn twins!

28 January 2012 Photo of the Day

Oops, has it really been a week since I’ve put up a new blog post? That has to be a new record for me. Sorry about that, I’ve been knocked on my keister by a cold and a migraine and kindergarten registrations and the preparations for birthday season, which begins here this weekend. I did […]

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Postcard from Vancouver – bad luck travels in threes

12 April 2011 Away we go

I‘m laughing at your comments about the teaser ending to yesterday’s post. Hey, you think I haven’t learned a thing or two about story-telling and the value of a hook after all these years? Heh! On my last full day in Vancouver, I once again found myself awake well before sparrow’s first fart. Fully dressed, […]

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Postcard from Vancouver – exploring Stanley Park

11 April 2011 Away we go

Tuesday marked the second day of my trip to Vancouver, and also the whole reason I was there in the first place — to give a presentation at a conference about social media in government and how we use social media at Army News. I was keen to give the presentation. So keen, in fact, […]

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Our Nova Scotia treasure

22 July 2010 Ottawa to Nova Scotia 2010

We’ve finally arrived at the last post in the Nova Scotia road trip series, a mere two weeks after the road trip itself concluded. (!) A few days before we left for Nova Scotia, I mentioned Oak Island to Beloved. I remember learning about the Oak Island Money Pit in school when I was a […]

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Ottawa to Bar Harbor Part 7: Lobsters!

8 July 2007 Away we go

I’ve never been a huge lobster fan. Part of it is the fact that you must cook them live (let alone the supposed scream factor.) I remember my brother, quite young, being invited over to someone’s house for a lobster dinner. They put the lobster in the pot and started to cook it, and for […]

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