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Fun in the snow

by DaniGirl on January 12, 2009 · 4 comments

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I spent a good chunk of yesterday playing on the computer, thinking about new themes and layouts and whatnot for the blog (what *is* it about January?) and updating to the latest version of WordPress (ack! Change!!) I hate that I have nothing to show for it, aside from no longer being able to comfortably navigate my own dashboard. Sheesh, usually a couple hours online gets me at least a post or two!

So, in lieu of a real post, I invite you to admire these pictures of Tristan and Simon enjoying the toboggans Granny and Papa Lou gave them for Christmas. Bonus: you can admire the nice pix courtesy of my new Fuji FinepixS2000. It’s no dSLR, but it captures some nice moments, no?




Of course, there’s more on Flickr!




They’re Canadian; of course I had to sign the boys up for skating lessons!

They’d never been on skates before. The morning started out with a lot of this:


After a while of crawling around on the ice, Tristan had progressed to this:


I honestly never expected him to get to this during his very first lesson:


But, most of the time was spent more like this:


Simon was content to stay more or less like this:


Guess which one said he wants to sign up for hockey lessons next year, and which one said he thinks he’ll stick with swimming?


Not a day goes by that I am not amazed by the simple fact of their love for each other.

brothers at play7

Bonus! A few gratuitous beauty shots, courtesy of the warm September sun:

Tristan, age 6 1/2

Simon, age 4 1/2

Lucas, almost 8 mos

(If you need more cuteness, there’s more on Flickr!)


Simon’s first day of Junior Kindergarten!


(My babies! What happened to my babies???)


My boys, June 2008

Brothers, June 2008

Family Portrait, June 2008


Lucas gets to know the family

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