Liveblogging labour – part five

The midwife has come and gone. One of my favourite memories of this labour, if not this entire pregnancy, will likely be Tristan and Simon, clad in their pyjamas, creeping down the stairs to see what the midwife was doing, and having them and Beloved sitting on the floor together across the room, listening to … Continue reading “Liveblogging labour – part five”

Liveblogging labour – part four

Okay, seriously? This has to be one of the weirdest labours ever. I was just playing Wii Bowling with the boys, trying to stimulate some contractions (hey, it’s not in the literature as a contraction-inducer, but you never know!) when the student midwife called. My new primary midwife is on her way home from the … Continue reading “Liveblogging labour – part four”

Liveblogging labour – part three

Coming up on 4 pm, seven hours since my water started breaking (and breaking, and breaking). It was a nice, quiet afternoon but now everyone is home. Beloved and Tristan are playing The Incredibles on the computer, Simon is watching TVO Kids and I’m wondering exactly when the contractions will begin in earnest. There have … Continue reading “Liveblogging labour – part three”

Liveblogging labour – part two

If only you could have seen me. I got annoyed at the lack of contractions (two between 11:30 and 12:00, then nothing) so I decided I was going to take the dog for a walk. But, I’m leaking like friggin’ Niagara Falls. So I took a page from Ingrid and Allison’s book and stuck a … Continue reading “Liveblogging labour – part two”

Liveblogging labour – part one

Okay, so my concentration is a little shot and I keep wandering back to the computer after every half task or so. I’m all by myself here, and not doing anything productive anyway — might as well keep y’all posted! First, I forgot how much I hate the leaking. Hate. The. Leaking. I can’t concentrate … Continue reading “Liveblogging labour – part one”

Liveblogging labour or false start?

It’s 4:30 in the morning and the house is silent. Everyone is asleep except for me and the dog, who has followed me downstairs with faithful if not bleary curiousity. I didn’t sleep more than 45 minutes last night. I suppose this means I am biologically unable to bring a child into the world without … Continue reading “Liveblogging labour or false start?”

Royally Overjoyed – and Overdue! – with Fisher Price

I‘m not a rabid royal watcher, but I do admit to a bit of infatuation with Will and Kate. How can you not love them? I haven’t gone out of my way to follow the progress of her pregnancy, but you’d have to be living in a media blackout to miss the fact that her … Continue reading “Royally Overjoyed – and Overdue! – with Fisher Price”

Yep, she’s still blogging eight years later

A part of me says, “Wow, has it already been eight years since your first blog post?” And another part of me says, “Seriously, it’s only been eight years? Seems like much longer than that.” Well, in a way I suppose it has been. I created my first website dedicated to photos and stories about … Continue reading “Yep, she’s still blogging eight years later”

From captcha oracle to captcha syndrome

I’ve spent idle moments in the last week re-reading and thoroughly enjoying our bloggy adventures this time last year. Remember these post about liveblogging the labour? Your comments are more fun that the posts themselves! (*coughasusualcough*) And reading your congratulatory notes on the post about Lucas’s arrival and naming the “Player to be Named Later” … Continue reading “From captcha oracle to captcha syndrome”

Lucas Sawyer’s birth story

It’s taken me more than a month to get this down and out onto the interwebs partly because of the hazy fog that is my brain in these early newborn days, partly because I haven’t yet figured out how to blog without using my arms (which are rarely free these days) but largely because whenever … Continue reading “Lucas Sawyer’s birth story”