Oh Tim Hortons, how you vex me

I am crazy busy this week. I don’t have time for Internet drama (but oh, there is drama) and I don’t have time for the forecasted 30+ cm of snow between now and Friday (seriously!) and I really don’t have time to talk at any length about coffee. But as we discussed on Twitter this … Continue reading “Oh Tim Hortons, how you vex me”

Is there a 12-step program for Tim Hortons?

My name is DaniGirl, and I am addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee. *hangs head in shame* Not just Tim’s coffee. I like my own a lot, too. But I am a coffee snob and not just any old brackish brew will do when I need my fix. Which is, for the record, regularly. To the … Continue reading “Is there a 12-step program for Tim Hortons?”

Tim Hortons and the Amazing Race

I’ve been playing in the referral logs again. Endless hours of entertainment, I tell you. Seeing some of the things people google has me seeing humanity in a whole new light. One of those incredibly unfavourable office flourescent lights that makes everybody look callow and sickly. Of all the things I’ve written about in the … Continue reading “Tim Hortons and the Amazing Race”

Planning for PEI 2016: Why we love the Points East Coastal Drive region

Yay! It’s time to start thinking about our next summer vacation on Prince Edward Island! This will be our third trip to PEI. In 2014, we spent a week near Murray Harbour, and in 2015 we spent a generally wet and rainy but still happy two weeks near St Peters Bay. We’ve criss-crossed and explored … Continue reading “Planning for PEI 2016: Why we love the Points East Coastal Drive region”

Planning for PEI: Five places we must revisit

Yay! I’ve been biding my time through a long cold winter, but it’s FINALLY time to kick it into high gear in planning for PEI in summer 2015! Next week we can say we’re going next month. And if you think I’m excited, you should hear Lucas – he asks at least once a day … Continue reading “Planning for PEI: Five places we must revisit”

In which she changes coffee teams

I have a confession to make. A coffee confession. After a life-long love affair with Tim Hortons and all that they stand for, I’ve changed teams. I think I’ve become … a Starbucks girl. It’s a transformation that started on a sleepy Christmas day back in 2006, when the Starbucks drive-thru was there for me … Continue reading “In which she changes coffee teams”

Blissdom Canada takeaway messages: Part 1

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I left the Blissdom Canada blogging and social media conference feeling newly inspired. There were a lot of things that didn’t engage me at the conference, but rather than gripe about those, I’d like to tell you about the things that did inspire me, and motivate me, and … Continue reading “Blissdom Canada takeaway messages: Part 1”

Postcards from Vancouver – Record-breaking rain

The day I left for Vancouver last week was very much a Monday, in the most pejorative sense of the word. Due to huge line-ups at the security gate, even more huge line-ups at the Tim Hortons inside the departure lounge, and the most terrifying turbulence I’ve ever been subject to (as in, holding on … Continue reading “Postcards from Vancouver – Record-breaking rain”