August 2012

This week in pictures: Fog and filters and textures

11 August 2012 Photo of the Day

The nice thing about taking three full weeks of vacation, more or less, is that you manage to work through your mental lists of all the things you have to do AND most of the things you want to do and by the time the third week is puttering to an end, you actually find […]

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Call me Senorita DaniGirl

9 August 2012 Away we go

It was an ordinary Friday, the last day before my summer holidays began, and I was just on my way back from lunch and getting ready to sail through my last few hours before three glorious weeks of holiday time when I checked my e-mail. And my jaw dropped open. I may have stopped breathing […]

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Kale Caesar!

9 August 2012 Eating and thinking and thinking about eating

Here’s an actual conversation that I would have never in a million years expected to hear around our dinner table. Beloved, gesturing at salad: “Is there kale in this?” Me: “No, we didn’t get any in the CSA this week.” Beloved: “Aw, that’s too bad.” Me: “I know, but it looks like we get some […]

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Where’s Willie?

8 August 2012 Life, the Universe and Everything

I knew the years of dealing with a mischevious teenager pushing limits and boundaries were ahead of me, but I didn’t expect them to come on so quickly. The attitude, the cold stares, the disrespect for rules, the blatant escape attempts… yeah, Willie the cat is turning in to a real handful in his second […]

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This week in pictures: In which she embraces the strobe

5 August 2012 Photo of the Day

I like to think I’m pretty comfortable with my camera by now. I know my aperture from my exposure compensation. I know how to take a decent picture of the cat and a flower and a child running full tilt away from the camera. The one thing that continues to intimidate and elude me, however, […]

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Dani’s excellent birthday adventure in Wakefield

2 August 2012 Away we go

Yesterday was my (gasp!) 43rd birthday. I was going to write a post about wondering about how I got to be so old, but I don’t really feel that way. The number still freaks me out a bit — it’s a really far stretch from my 30s, where I seem to live in my heart […]

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