June 2010

When life is too busy to blog, random bits will have to do

17 June 2010 Rants and rambles

Dear World, Could you please slow down just a bit? I am so far behind now, between my work and home and online lives, that I may have to live to 350 to get all caught up. Sincerely, DaniGirl *~*~*~*~ To that end, I’m curious. I get anywhere from one to ten random, unsolicited e-mails […]

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On censorship and potty talk

15 June 2010 Life in Ottawa

How can you not roll your eyes at this story? Apparently, Ottawa author Kevin Bolger, who wrote a kids’ book with the snicker-worthy title of Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger, was stopped a few minutes into his reading at an Ottawa elementary school yesterday and pulled aside by the principal, who then canceled the rest […]

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Blog Out Loud Ottawa – the 2010 edition!

15 June 2010 How I love the Interwebs

It’s coming! Just three weeks remain until BOLO 2010, Ottawa’s most fun bloggy meet-up. What is BOLO? In the words of BOLO’s irrepressible and endlessly creative founder, Lynn of Turtlehead, “Blog Out Loud is an Ottawa-based get-together for bloggers, lurkers, and anyone who likes to hear good writing.” And starting today, Lynn is teasing us […]

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Ottawa At Home magazine features local bloggers

14 June 2010 My 15 minutes

The summer issue of Ottawa at Home magazine has just been published, and there’s a fun article featuring a couple of my favourite “mom” bloggers: Andrea and Annie and Julie and Loukia and me! You can take a peek at the online version here — click on “Ottawa at Home” (second row centre) and page […]

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The great escape

12 June 2010 Life, the Universe and Everything

It is a few minutes after six on Friday morning. I’ve just finished pouring myself my first cup of coffee of the day, and put said coffee on the side table in preparation for my favourite morning ritual — coffee and the morning paper. I open the front door, breathe deeply of the fresh early-summer […]

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Calypso Water Park one-word review: Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

12 June 2010 Ottawa Family Fun

How do you earn yourself a million ‘cool parent’ points? Pull your kids from school on a Friday in mid-June, thumb your nose at the deteriorating weather forecast and predicted highs of a measly 22C, and head out with friends for a day at Calypso, Ottawa’s brand new waterslide park!! After a half-hour wait at […]

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In the garden of benign neglect

9 June 2010 Happy @ home

Did you ever read Stephen King’s Pet Semetary, where dead things mysteriously come back to life? Yeah, my garden is like that. When we moved in back in 2003, there were two trees — really, barely more than saplings — in the back yard. Not long after, one of them reverted to upright stick status […]

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In which she books six hotel rooms for three nights’ stay

8 June 2010 Away we go

Clearly, I have missed my calling in life. I should have been a travel agent, because I am so embarrassingly good at vacation planning that I currently have six hotel rooms booked in four cities for three nights of travel. Overcompensate much? First, I booked a room in Edmunston, NB for one night on our […]

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Finola’s family photo shoot, and a few lessons learned

6 June 2010 Mothership Photography

When Finola contacted me out of the blue one day last month and asked if I’d be interested in taking some portraits for her to use for an online avatar, I was absolutely delighted — and absolutely terrified. It’s one thing to take pictures of your own kids, and the kids of family and friends, […]

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The Thousand Picture Project: Jumping into June

4 June 2010 Photo of the Day

Last year, I discovered the June is for Jumping group on Flickr late in the month, but so enjoyed looking at everyone’s shots (really, click through, they’re quite impressive!) that I looked forward all year to this year’s edition. I was full to the brim with enthusiasm as I headed into the backyard on the […]

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