Found: 15 pounds. If lost, please reclaim immediately.

by DaniGirl on April 27, 2005 · 11 comments

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Sigh. I can’t ignore it any longer. I really am starting to pudge up uncomfortably.

I thought maybe the pounds (whoops, kilos) would magically disappear when I wasn’t nursing full-time. Then I deluded myself into thinking that when I returned to work, all that walking to and from the bus stop would do the trick. No such luck.

I told myself that when it was spring, we’d get out of the house more in the evenings, and I’d walk more on my lunch hour. Both are true, but the weight isn’t budging.

I had hoped that once my life stabilized a bit, I would be able to work in some weekly time for workouts at the gym. Nope, that’s definitely not happening.

What to do? The gym costs too much, both from a financial and temporal perspective. I just don’t have the resources to devote to it right now. I could theoreticaly work out on my own at home – I’ve done it before, I’ve got some free weights and therabands and even a big medicine ball. Heck, I prefer weight training to aerobic exercise anyway. But when? I already get up at 5:30 and can barely stay awake until the kids go to bed as it is. Yes, working out would probably give me more energy and stamina, but I can’t justify more time away from them at this point. Mommy guilt scores again.

I skimmed through Dr Phil’s Weight Loss Solution book, and the one thing I took from it is the idea of a no-fail environment. Sounds like a fabulous theory. Except living with a junk food junkie and his preschooler protegés leads me too easily to temptation.

The thing is, I completely and utterly lack will power. I understand that I eat for emotional reasons, and that I medicate myself with food. I totally see that for me, junk food is an entitlement thing – I deserve it! I work hard, I am a good girl, goddammit the least I can do at the end of a long and stressful day is enjoy a handful of pork rinds without making a federal case out of it. Sad, but so very true. And let’s face it, when three out of the four people in a house love McDonalds for dinner, and the fourth person is too tired to be anything but ambivalent, it’s easy to make the wrong choices.

I am toying with joining Weight Watchers online. There’s no way I can commit to going to WW meetings, but the online thing might work, at least from a time perspective. The problem is, I’ve never believed in diets. Perhaps since I’m about (revision: at least) 15 lbs overweight and have always had weight struggles, I shouldn’t be so proud to say I’ve never been on a diet, but it’s true. I’m hoping the WW online thing will help me learn to make better choices, and ideally, will help me teach the men in my life how to eat better, too.

What do you think? Have you tried WW online? Did it work for you? Any other thoughts?

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1 SilverCreek Mom April 27, 2005 at 1:24 pm

I have been trying for 14 yrs to loose the baby weight from my first child (OK I did then got lazy and put on 20 lbs) And the IVF treatments and From Little Man both were killers to me int he weight department. I have lost 10 pounds over the last year on my own but I need help with learning how to eat again YES I am the JUNK FOOD QUEEN. I love chips and dip, or anything greasey and high salt…McD’s double quarter pounder with Cheese YUMMMMM!!!! PLUS you cook me a good meal and I’ll eat till I’m over stuffed.
I’m on WW right now (but not online) It’s slow…I’m loosing at a rate of .5 lbs a week. BUT My biggest problem is that I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon. I need and intervention to get me back up on it. I have a ton of tapes and DVD”S to work out too, and I love how I feel afterward but it’s to motivate myself to get moving. You’d think living in the country it would be easy to get out for a walk…but it’s not! Anywho WW is working; NOT fast but I want to learn how to eat how much to eat and FORCE myself to look at foods and see what’s in them. I think it’s doing me alot of good but it’s gonna take awhile to loose the 30 lbs I want to…OK I need to loose 50 but I’m not pressuring myself.
I hope you find someway to put yourself first.
Which is my problem….I don’t workout when Little man is watching his morning shows and then I have laundry to do and other stuff so I put it of. Tthe only way your going to loose weight is to put yourself first for an hour ever night, in my humble opinion. Us Mom’s tend to put everyone else first and us 2nd. YOU have to do the oppsite to loose weight. MAybe get a evening walking buddy and walk 3 nights a week. I would kill for that. No one around here for that. I lived near you I would be it in a mintute!
Hugs and good luck with this. YOUR not alone!
Fellow JUNK food Junkie!

2 SilverCreek Mom April 27, 2005 at 2:40 pm

OK I’m back…I think better in the shower. I read Dr. Phil not for me I’ve read 90/10 weight losse sloution…Not enough self control…I’ve read Bob Green and he actully helped abit he got me on a work out kick for over ayear. But since I broke some toes last summer i’ve been struggling to get back into it. And I’ve read all these other books that are all about the same. I thinkone has a to pick and choose what will work for them and if having junk food one day or one week (Guilty) One has to keep on trying and I am.
I guess I have alot of info but put this knowledge on the back burner some times.

3 Snack Mommy April 27, 2005 at 3:02 pm

I was feeling similar to you a few months back. I could formally lose weight with very little effort. That changed about a year after Tristan arrived, and I hit THE WALL.
The one thing that did the trick for me was joining a local aerobics class. The price was right, it was in the community so very handy, and I had made a commitment to go twice a week in the evening. I soon stopped thinking of it as a commitment and looked forward to aerobics nights. After I started to feel better and look better, I then started to feel more motivated to work out on my own in addition to the twice weekly classes and did drop ins at the Y.
I finally also realized that at our age, it’s not just about losing weight on the scale, but about changing your shape. Hubby always told me that but I finally believe him now. After a few months of exercise, I felt and looked much better, but I still weighed the same.
Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to pass on what worked for me…

4 mgood April 27, 2005 at 7:17 pm

I’m in the same boat as you. And on the same page. I’ve joined the club! *fingers pointing from my eyes to your eyes*
What I am thinking of doing is Somercizing again. Yes, that was what you heard. The Suzanne Somers diet. A few years ago I lost twenty-five pounds after bulking up from the Depo-Provera shot using it. The loss was slow and safe and my doctor said the diet was moderate and healthy. That plus the nice weather and an active toddler…well, I can dream. It was getting back on the potatoes that did me in during pregnancy, and the chocolate since. I know it.

5 Casey April 27, 2005 at 7:50 pm

Well, this might not completely apply to weight loss, but we went vegan a while back and one of the biggest problems I had with it was giving up my comfort foods. It sounds like that might be your problem with junk food. It was tough, but eventually I was able to think of spicy chickpea curry as fondly as I once thought of triple cheese pizza. I think it helps to try a wide variety of healthy foods that are novel enough that you aren’t constantly reminded of what you’re missing. Anyway, that’s what helped me when I was changing my diet.

6 AnnaJ April 27, 2005 at 8:55 pm

As a Lifetime member of WW I should be pushing it, however, I have to admit that the only plan I never lost weight on is the current “Points” plan. Somehow, I could justify anything!! I have not tried the online WW, but did really enjoy going to class every week, somehow that kept me going. Best wishes with your endeavor, I am right there with you in the weight department and am hoping my new found walking program will get me back to where I once belonged!

7 twinmomplusone April 27, 2005 at 10:27 pm

Dear Dani,
When the twins were 11 months old, I weighed the same as when I left the hospital 🙁 and got very mad with myself,so I packed the kids and joined WW. 35 pounds later I felt so much better. The weekly meetings were motivating for me, so not sure if online would do it but there is a support group there as well. For me it was all about drinking lots of water, trying new foods and recipes, making the right choices for myself and the whole family, portion control and frankly just wanting to be in better shape to keep up with my growing brew. As one gets older, metabolism definitely slows down. Regular exercise is still hard to achieve but I try to be active by doing things with the kids, running with them, biking, swimming, whatever. Being a lifetime member, I still go for weigh-ins every once in a while to keep myself in check. Diets don’t work, its long term changes in every day routines that do. I still indulge in junk food, but as a treat.
good luck

8 Batman April 28, 2005 at 2:34 am

I could stand to lose a few pounds myself. Having said that, I’d like to tell you a little story. I met the Devil today…and she was selling Girl Guide Cookies. She only had one box left though. I bought it at 9:15 this morning. It was gone by 12:15. I ate the whole thing myself. Now normally I would share foodstuffs like that with my staff. Not today though. Not when Asmodeus herself dealt the only remaining box to me. One of my employees told me I was going to get fat…too late. She also told me I need to ask my mum why she didn’t teach me to share. Whatever. If she were here, she could have one. She’s not so everyone else is on their own.

9 Kaykota April 28, 2005 at 7:49 am

I haven’t read everyone’s responses so forgive a repeat, but I did do WW online and found it to be good. I have joined WW in the past and would go to meetings but now that is really impossible, and frankly too much of a pain in the ass with little ones to lug around.
I liked the menu and recipe ideas. And honestly after the first few days, you really are satisfied and aren’t that hungry/starving like some of the other diets out there.
So my vote is yes, go for it. Just don’t tell them you are nursing (I think you stopped right?) They will kick your polka dotted ass out of there so fast your head will spin. I speak from experience. Don’t mess with the WW Keepers of the Boobs.
Oh and the last time I was on WW, I lost all my weight and averaged a lost of 2 pounds a week. Of course it didn’t come off evenly… some weeks I’d plateau but it all worked out in the end. Good luck!!

10 Danigirl April 28, 2005 at 1:00 pm

Wow, you guys are great. So many kindred spirits (yes, Batman, even you). Although Casey, I’m having a hard time ever imagining a me who values low-fat yogurt with the same weak-kneed, eyeballs-roll-to-the-back-of-the-head enjoyment as a decadent piece of cheese cake.
K, I remember your misadventures with the boobie police at WW! Yes, I am still nursing once or twice a day, but if I do sign up I think I might conveniently forget to mention that.
Thanks again to all for your thoughts – you guys are all gorgeous (yes, even you Batman).
xo Danigirl

11 Devra May 9, 2005 at 6:00 am

Hi Dani,
I have absolutely no Pie Hole Control! I will be the first to admit it. I am doing WW, but not online. At this point in my life, I am essentially repeating to myself “Slow and steady wins the race”,so every week that I go, I just aim for losing or maintaining and every week that I do not gain I think “Thank you Devra!” I really think I need to thank myself more for the things I do for me, since I too am a busy mom of two and sometimes feel like everyone comes in ahead of me. After writing my book on Mommy Guilt, I just gotta practice what I preached, so I am putting myself first, because I do know I need to get in shape, other than the round shape I am sporting now, because I feel better when I am not dragging aroudn the extra poundage. Knowing this, and doing it are the kickers though! Keep yourself a priority! Even if you need to begin that process slowly. Slow and steady wins that race! (and you can also come visit Aviva and me at for even more support!)

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